Central Texas Police Issue Warning on Counterfeit Gold Scam

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The police department in Central Texas is issuing a warning regarding a counterfeit gold scam that recently came to light. Authorities took action and apprehended an individual in connection with this fraudulent activity. Specifically, the Kerrville Police Department has raised awareness about the scam, emphasizing the importance of vigilance in such matters.

In an official announcement posted on their Facebook page, the police disclosed that an unidentified suspect had attempted to peddle fake gold to a local establishment. However, the discerning employees of the business swiftly identified the counterfeit nature of the gold bars in question. Subsequently, law enforcement took the suspect into custody.

The message conveyed in the post encourages the public to exercise caution, emphasizing that not everything that glitters is gold. It goes on to emphasize the ongoing nature of the investigation and advises individuals who have recently purchased gold to seek the expertise of reputable jewelers to verify the authenticity of their acquisitions. Furthermore, the Kerrville Police Department urges anyone who believes they may have purchased counterfeit gold to contact them for assistance. It is important to note that they do not have the capabilities to verify gold themselves.

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