Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coins.

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Regarded as one of the most esteemed gold coin in the world, the Maple Leaf coin is the flagship product of the Royal Canadian Mint and a highly sought after investment for retirement funds. Manufactured to precise specifications and containing a gold content of 99.99 percent purity, the Canadian Maple Leaf gold coin is a high-quality product that represents an excellent store of wealth for any Gold IRA.

  • .9999 fineness
  • Legal tender Canada
  • Backed by canadian Government
  • Minted to bullion standard
  • Eligible for Gold IRA
Canadian Maple Leaf 1 oz. 19791.000.000
Canadian Maple Leaf 1 oz. 19801.215.000
Canadian Maple Leaf 1 oz. 1981863.000
Canadian Maple Leaf 1 oz. 1982883.000
Canadian Maple Leaf 1 oz. 1983695.000
Canadian Maple Leaf 1 oz. 19841.098.000
Canadian Maple Leaf 1 oz. 19851.747.500
Canadian Maple Leaf 1 oz. 19861.093.500
Canadian Maple Leaf 1 oz. 1987978.000
Canadian Maple Leaf 1 oz. 1988800.500
Canadian Maple Leaf 1 oz. 1989856.000
Canadian Maple Leaf 1 oz. 1990815.000
Canadian Maple Leaf 1 oz. 1991290.000
Canadian Maple Leaf 1 oz. 1992368.900
Canadian Maple Leaf 1 oz. 1993321.413
Canadian Maple Leaf 1 oz. 1994180.357
Canadian Maple Leaf 1 oz. 1995208.729
Canadian Maple Leaf 1 oz. 1996143.682
Canadian Maple Leaf 1 oz. 1997478.211
Canadian Maple Leaf 1 oz. 1998593.704
Canadian Maple Leaf 1 oz. 1999627.097
Canadian Maple Leaf 1 oz. 200086.375
Canadian Maple Leaf 1 oz. 2001138.878
Canadian Maple Leaf 1 oz. 2002344.883
Canadian Maple Leaf 1 oz. 2003194.631
Canadian Maple Leaf 1 oz. 2004253.978
Canadian Maple Leaf 1 oz. 2005281.647
Canadian Maple Leaf 1 oz. 2006209.937
Canadian Maple Leaf 1 oz. 2007189.462
Canadian Maple Leaf 1 oz. 2008710.718
Canadian Maple Leaf 1 oz. 20091.011.235
Canadian Maple Leaf 1 oz. 20101.036.832
Canadian Maple Leaf 1 oz. 20111.107.974
Canadian Maple Leaf 1 oz. 2012712.193
Canadian Maple Leaf 1 oz. 20131.050.564
Canadian Maple Leaf 1 oz. 2014
Canadian Maple Leaf 1 oz. 2015
Canadian Maple Leaf 1 oz. 2016
Canadian Maple Leaf 1 oz. 2017
Canadian Maple Leaf 1 oz. 2018
Canadian Maple Leaf 1 oz. 2019
Canadian Maple Leaf 1 oz. 2020

History of Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coins.

Canada’s Royal Mint was one of the first precious metal refinery’s to mint gold coins to be used as investment vehicles. Subsequently, the Royal Mint boasts some of the best coinage techniques in the industry and use the latest laser technology to micro-engrave coins with the maple leaf motif.

Ever since gold was discovered in the hills of Canada, the country has been a premium source of wealth for the yellow metal. The Maple Leaf gold coin was first introduced in 1978 following the success of the South African Krugerand – the world’s first gold bullion coin to be offered as an investment tool.

However, because Krugerrand gold coins were subject to export restrictions in countries that did not agree with apartheid, the Maple Leaf became the first investment coin that was easily available to investors all over the world.

When Maple Leaf gold coins were originally struck, they contained a gold content of 999/1000. Thanks to advanced minting techniques developed in the early 1980’s, the Canadian Mint became the first refinery to increase the purity of gold coins to 9999/1000 in 1982 and in doing so, established benchmarks that are widely used in mintages today.

Why buy Canadian Maple Leaf gold coins.

Canadian Maple Leaf gold coins are meticulously manufactured using some of the most advanced bullion techniques in the world. Acclaimed for their purity, historical relevance and classical design, Canadian Maple Leaf coins are one of the best bullion coins around.

Maple Leafs less attractive for US investors looking for maximum return on investment.

If you live in the USA or plan to sell your coins elsewhere, US coins generally have a higher premium value compared to other coins. This is particularly true for American Eagles and Buffaloes. While bullion bars, which are almost entirely 24k gold, might be cheaper with a premium up to $80 over the spot price, American Eagles are usually the better choice due to their superior value retention.

Canadian Maple Leafs, while known for their quality and purity, are typically less appealing to US investors. The premiums on Maple Leafs are generally lower than those on American Eagles and Buffaloes, making them cheaper to buy but also resulting in lower returns when sold. Currently, Maple Leafs might sell for $50-100 over the spot price, but they do not hold their value as well as US Mint coins.

It’s important to note that the premiums on different varieties of coins are not the same. US Mint coins, like American Eagles, have the highest demand and thus the highest premiums. This isn’t just due to arbitrary pricing; dealers pay the highest premiums for these coins, which is then passed on to the consumer. When selling, local coin shops (LCS) might not always offer the best prices, sometimes paying less than the spot price even for American Eagles or Buffaloes.

Design of Gold Canadian Maple Leaf coins.

Canadian Maple Leaf gold coins feature the distinctive design that is synonymous with the country. Maple leafs are a national emblem that represent the vast forests of the Canadian wilderness and used to be kept in doorways to ward off evil spirits.

The maple leaf featured on the obverse side of Canadian gold coins was rendered by Walter Ott who reinforced the Maple Leaf as a national symbol following George Stanley’s 1965 design for the country’s national flag.

Since 2013, the maple leaf design is manufactured using advanced technology that creates radial patterns in the background to heighten security measures. The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coin is impossible to counterfeit without sophisticated machinery used by the world’s leading mints.

The reverse side of the coins feature Queen Elizabeth II of England who also acts as Head of State to Canada. Gold Canadian coins produced since 2005 feature the fifth portrait of Her majesty. Coins from 1990 to 2004 feature the fourth edition illustration of the Queen aged 64-years old.

Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coins: IRA Investment

Thanks to the 99.99% fineness of gold Canadian Maple Leaf coins, these valuable assets qualify for Gold IRAs in the United States. Available in 1oz, ½ oz, ¼ oz and 1/10 oz, Maple Leaf gold coins are widely available and accessible to investors of all budgets.

As an investment vehicle for retirement funds, Canadian Maple Leaf gold coins are a sensible option thanks to their high liquidity and store of wealth. Gold is a proven asset that always delivers a return on investment over the long-term and as a hedge against paper-based investments represents an excellent option for savvy investors.

American Gold Eagle Vs the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf. Which one is better?

the analysis provides a comprehensive overview of various factors to consider when choosing between the American Gold Eagle and the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf as investment options. These factors range from purity and aesthetics to liquidity, tax advantages, and the potential for counterfeiting, allowing investors to make informed decisions based on their preferences and financial goals.

The American Gold Eagle is generally considered a wiser purchase than the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf

The American Gold Eagle and the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf are two of the most popular gold coins in the world. Here are some of the differences between the two coins:

American Gold Eagle Vs Canadian Gold Maple Leaf.

  • Contains 22-karat gold with small amounts of alloy to bolster durability and protect the coin’s resale value.
  • Made of 91.67% gold, 3% silver, and 5.33% copper.
  • Available in various fractional sizes, making them popular among beginner and experienced investors.
  • Trades on the value of all its precious metals combined, although mostly by the price of gold.
  • Has a lower production of only 18.7 million coins in total to date, well below the 60 million gold Krugerrand coins.

Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Vs American Gold Eagle.

  • Contains 24-karat gold, making it one of the purest gold coins in the world.
  • Made of .99999 fine, or essentially pure gold.
  • Available in various sizes, including 1 oz, 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz, and 1/10 oz.
  • Trades solely on the value of gold, as it is a fine gold coin.
  • Has a lower premium than the American Gold Eagle.
  • Prone to damage and scratches due to its purity, which can affect its value in the resale market.

Which one is the Best: Gold Eagle or Gold maple?

Liquidity and Return on Investment: The American Gold Eagle is a wiser purchase for individuals living in the United States due to its higher liquidity and potentially better returns when sold. It is considered the most liquid gold coin in the world, which means it is easily bought and sold in the market. This liquidity may lead to a slightly better return on investment compared to the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf.

When it comes to the resale value of gold coins. Although the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf has a lower premium than the American Gold Eagle, the Eagle usually has a higher resale value. This is because the American Gold Eagle contains small amounts of alloy to bolster durability and protect the coin’s resale value, while the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf is made of pure 24kt gold, which can make it more prone to spotting over time. Additionally, the American Gold Eagle is the most liquid gold coin in the world and has a lower production than the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf.

Counterfeiting Concerns: The analysis mentions concerns about counterfeiting in the gold coin market, particularly with high-tech counterfeiters producing fake coins. It notes that counterfeiters often have difficulty replicating the fineness of the alloy in coins that are not pure gold. This may give an advantage to the American Gold Eagle (with its 917 fine gold content) under XRF analysis.

Legal Tender Classification and Tax Advantages: The American Gold Eagle and the Austrian Philharmonic are highlighted for their tax advantages in the United States. These coins do not require tax reporting when selling, making them potentially more attractive to investors looking to avoid additional paperwork. investors SHOULD seek gold coins classified as legal tender, as they may have tax advantages when sold. Coins not classified as legal tender could be subject to higher tax rates, potentially as high as 28% in the United States. Tax laws may vary by jurisdiction, so consulting a tax attorney is recommended.

The American Gold Eagle is a more durable coin that trades on the value of all its precious metals combined, while the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf is a purer coin that trades solely on the value of gold. The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf also has a lower premium than the American Gold Eagle, but it is more prone to damage and scratches due to its purity.

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