Canadian Gold Coins, direct competitor to the Krugerrand.

Precious metals have worked for centuries as a sturdy form of money. With the current financial turmoil in the world’s markets Gold is the best way to diversify your portfolio and protect your wealth. Second only to American Golden Eagle Coins are Canadian Gold Coins and specifically the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf.

2022 Canada G$200 Ultra-High Relief Gold Maple Leaf NGC PF7

Canadian Gold Coins are minted by the Royal Canadian Mint which can boast to producing one of the world’s most popular gold bullion coins in the Canadian Maple Leaf. This much sought-after coin is almost 24 karats or 99.99% pure gold. The Canadian Government guarantee the coin for its metallic and authenticity ensuring a very liquid and international market.

Quick and fun fact.

  • The queen on the Gold Maple Leaf coin do not wear a crown to respect Canada’s sovereignty. She is only symbolic in Canadas constitutional monarchy. If you have Netflix, consider watching The Crown to learn about her.
  • The premium on theses coins is a bit lower with their US Mint cousin, nearly $200 premium buffalo when I can save $90 in premiums with this coin.
  • These coins are available without backorder, while Eagles are a little harder to come by.
  • Theses coins are preferred to American gold Eagle in Asia, as Eagle are only 22K. Asian countries want 24 K so the Maple Leafs are better to have than American Gold Eagle.

The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coin was first struck in 1979 and its only direct competitor in the gold bullion coin market was the Krugerrand. The krugerrand struggled in the markets due to the boycott of the then South African political status, and so helped the Maple Leaf establish itself as worldwide market leader, a position the coin still holds today.

The Canadian Government guarantees that the 1/20, 1/10, ¼, ½, and one-ounce denominations of the Maple Leaf contain the stated amount in troy ounces of.9999 fine gold. The coins have face values of $1, $5, $10, $20 and $50 and are legal tender in Canada. Back in 1988 the Maple Leaf was also struck in platinum and has the same face values and weights as their gold counterparts. Since then, a .9999 silver $5 maple leaf and a .9995 1oz $50 palladium coins have also been struck.

If you are lucky enough to have the funds the Royal Canadian Mint does offer by special order a Gold Maple Leaf with a face value of $1 million, the gold content is close in worth to $2million. Unconfirmed reports state that the Canadian Mint has received five orders for the coins at around $3.5 million each.

In uncertain financial times it is important to protect your portfolio and investing in gold is a great way to hedge against inflation. By investing in Canadian Gold Coins not only do you invest in a market not normally subject to the same volatility as more established investments you invest in a precious metal of extreme beauty and scarcity.

By Alexandre Laurent

Alexandre Laurentl is working in the jewelry and investment gold since 2002. Alexandre graduated from The Normandy School of Business and from the University of Perpignan a Bachelor of economics in 1995.

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