Canada Unveils New $50 Pure Gold Coin.

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The Royal Canadian Mint has introduced a fresh addition to its collection: a dazzling $50 bullion coin composed entirely of 99.99% pure gold. Referred to as the 2023 $50 1-ounce 99.99% Pure Gold Maple Leaf Single-Source Mine bullion coin, it boasts a unique origin story. The gold used in its creation hails exclusively from Newmont’s Éléonore mine in Northern Québec and has undergone meticulous refinement procedures under the strict supervision of the Mint.

In response to the persistent market demand for greater transparency regarding the sourcing of precious metals, and in an effort to showcase an ever-expanding range of exquisite coins, the Mint entered into a partnership with Newmont Corporation, one of the world’s premier gold producers, to craft this resplendent coin that derives its gold from a single mine.

On the reverse side of this latest coin, you’ll find a meticulously engraved representation of Walter Ott’s iconic Sugar Maple Leaf, an emblematic symbol within the Mint’s Maple Leaf family of bullion coins. Surrounding the central design, you’ll notice intricately machined radial lines, adding a touch of sophistication to its aesthetic. Additionally, the coin incorporates robust security features, including a micro-engraved maple leaf-shaped security mark bearing the number “23” (indicating the year of issue) and Bullion DNATM technology, offering assurance of authenticity and protection against counterfeit attempts.

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