Can my landlord in Texas force me to pack all my things so the entire apartment to be painted? Lease is valid for 5 more months.?


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NO. The majority of renters must obtain their landlords’ approval before painting, and the landlord will inform them of the restrictions for painting at that time. The landlord may not need or desire the renter to repaint the walls, depending on their plans for the home once the tenant’s lease expires.


“No, that is unreasonable. I don’t understand why he is painting while you are still in there. That’s pretty stupid to not wait until you are out. If he makes your place uninhabitable, then you have rights but I’m not an attorney. They should be able to come in and cover everything but.”


“Absolutely NOT. U getting burned and scammed. Landlord paint apartment After u move out. Contact local free legal aid society for free consultation and learn how to stuff the landlord.”

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“Why on earth are they doing it now instead of after you move out? Don ‘t tell me you ASKED them to paint it!!! If so, you have to do everything they say and co-operate and pay the hike in rent too. If you did not, ask them if they can wait 5 months, when your lease is up and when”

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“tell your landlord to wait because painting is not an emergency repair, he can wait till you vacate the house. If he still not listening you can take legal action about him.”


“Painting an apartment while occupied is NOT an emergency repair. Thus, the LL must wait until you vacate and he must absorb the cost of lost rent while the unit is being painted.”


“No but it’s a great idea because whomever the painters are sure don’t want to get paint on your things. If you cannot live there, they owe you a rent refund for the time the unit is not inhabitable.”


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