Can my apartment manager evict me for installing a window ac unit?

A question by :  So, i live in the valley and it’s been super-hot, so i installed a window ac myself. i know looks ghetto and she would say something since i put cardboard next to it… but after i fix the cardboard with real wood, can she evict me? It does say in the lease that i need to get it okayed to install things?


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Yes. There can be insufficient power, a weak structure, insufficient ventilation and natural light when they’re installed, insufficient egress when they’re erected, and more. Actually, it’s not as easy as paying for electricity. Please read your lease. Your lease may specify there are no window apartments, as with all of my leases. If it doesn’t say no window unit, present it to him and explain the situation. I would choose the solution described in the following video.


“She needs to give you notice of a lease violation and time to repair the issue or to move.

Whether or not it would be an evictable offense, I don’t know. A judge might say that the LL can go in, repair the issue, and charge you, the tenant, for the removal of the ac.”


“In this state one does not have to give notice and time to repair what has been done…a landlord only has to notify the tenant of a lease violation and then from there can start legal proceedings. Whether the tenant corrects the broken lease doesn’t matter.”


“If she’s being looking for a reason to evict you, you’ve just given her one. Your lease specifically states you must have permission, you didn’t get permission, therefore you have violated your lease. It doesn’t matter how it looks now or how it will look after you exchange the cardboard.”


“Many of them would have the right to take some sort of action against you for doing this. I would suppose the first step would be to tell you to remove it. If you fight it then it could end up with you being evicted.”


“Of course. You said it looks awful, and that your lease states you must get permission first. If they are trying to find a reason to get rid of you, this would be a good one. Why didn’t you get permission before you installed it?”


“You always have to get written permission before making modifications to a rental. You should have thought of that. I dont blame the landlord for wanting to evict you. Yes, she can because you violated the agreement.”


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