Can i refuse to let my landlord in my apartment, even if he gave me a 24-hour notice?

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A question by jason:   I live in Florida. I am on a month-to-month lease for my apartment. my landlord sent me a text message stating in 24 hours I will be showing your apartment.

I do not want to give him access, he has verbally cursed me out. In my month to month lease it states to give 15

A tenant’s home may not be entered by a landlord or their agent, maintenance, without permission! Ordinarily, 24 hours. They are permitted in an emergency or when there is good reason. For instance, if there is a fire, water coming from the unit, a dangerous scenario, or if the tenant is infringing on a lease provision. Examples of no notice necessary entrance include pets, drug manufacture, extra tenants for a lengthy period of time, drug sales, and to check with the police on the safety of the tenant. If the landlord does enter the flat without giving prior warning, a notice must be posted outside the main entrance to the unit, clearly indicating the reason for the access, the time it occurred, and the identity of the person who entered.

  • A hazardous idea. Regardless of the wording of a contract or verbal agreement, a landlord who enters any space without adequate notice could face a whole variety of nightmares.
  • A accusation that the landlord took the tenant’s property
  • The tenant might shoot the landlord with excessive prejudice after mistaking him for an intruder.

These are only three terrible instances of what can occur when a landlord abuses the dignity and privacy of a paying renter. An alarm system and covert cameras are your greatest bet as a tenant against a nosy stalker-type landlord.



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“U got a stupid landlord simple. Since u on m2m u get to let them in. Stay and cougar sneeze while they there.”


“You seem to forget that the place is not yours and it belongs to the landlord. He only has to give you notice that he is coming in and if you aren’t there or sick, so be it. I would mention to him that you are sick and would appreciate him waiting until you are better because you.”


“No, you cannot deny your LL entry to HIS property. Once he has given proper notice, he can enter. If you refuse to allow him entry to show the property to potential tenants, he can sue you for interfering with his business.”


“He is allowed to enter, and he gave you enough notice. Don’t cause trouble, you are only going to hurt yourself and your credit. Why do that?”


“He can call the police on you if you do not allow him access to his property. If you do not want to allow him to show the apartment, you will have to pay for the month it will be empty after you leave..”


“You cannot deny access. He can evict you for denying access. Police will do nothing, it is a civil issue, not criminal..”


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