Can I LEGALLY withhold my rent from my landlord if they’re refusing to replace cat urine carpet from the previous tenant?

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“When the carpet is professionally cleaned, they have expensive things to add to kill the urine smell. You can also shampoo with odo ban. I don’t know why you should have to go through the expense of cleaning a carpet since you just moved in. If you looked through the apartment before moving in, it does seem strange you just noticed it. Whatever was said, is not legal…it has to be in writing in the lease. To withhold rent, you will have to read the property laws of your state and learn what you must do so you don’t get evicted. Do write your landlord a letter so you have proof you have told her about the cat urine and everything you have a conversation with the landlord, document it with a return receipt letter. I don’t think they have to replace the carpet but have it cleaned correctly. Cat spray can be bad but they usually collect pet fees that cover the cost of professionally cleaning the carpet.”


“To start with, you need to review your state laws, each state is different on how to handle an issue with the rental and LL duties to address such an issue

I would argue a cat soak urine carpet is a habitability issue: for anyone to say otherwise; i would disagree the smell can be overwhelming,

But how do you document the smell? also is your child’s doctor willing to put it in writing the allergies are a direct causation from the carpet? If there is a strong smell that the LL knew tried to conceal by having the carpet clean but we all know once cat urine is in the carpet the carpet needs to be replaced”


“This is a difficult legal area. Generally, each state has its own rules on what is grounds to withhold rent and the process to follow.

And generally, those are for major issues like leaky roof, no hot water, heater doesn’t work, etc., not a minor issue like yours.

My recommendation would not be to do this unless you’ve thoroughly check out the rules on this. Google your state and something like “withhold rent” and see what you can find.”


“Yes, but you need to put the funds in Escrow. That way, technically you’ve paid, but they won’t have access to the funds. Put your rent in that Escrow account until they replace the carpet. You can follow this procedure any time your landlord doesn’t fulfill their responsibilities.”


“No there is no reason you can legally withhold your rent, unless it states this in the contract. You are renting a property, not a carpet”


“No. You would have to sue them & let a judge make that decision. It is illegal in most states to withhold rent over any repair issue without a court order.”


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