Can i leave my private let a month early?

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A question by : i am currently on a rolling month to month contract with my letting agency I ve been in the property for 5 years now but wish to leave a month early it says in my contract i have 2 give 2 months’ notice but i have another property and need to leave a month early, what can my landlord do??


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Therefore, hopefully you are at least returning the keys and informing them that you have moved out. You still have to pay them. They were fine when I asked them to hold the deposit once because it was equal to the monthly rent. It only spared them from having to return the deposit back to me later, but have a word.

Therefore, if you do that, they will demand payment for the following month’s rent. You can bet they will take you to court and win if you refuse. After that, you will be found guilty and need to pay. Your credit will suffer as a result, which may make it difficult for you to obtain loans or certain jobs.

If you simply leave without telling the landlord, he or she generally won’t find out until you are past due on your rent and the landlord comes to check on you. At that point, you will be evicted and likely receive a judgment for two months’ worth of rent and late fees.ç


“Of course, you can, but you are liable for payment of the rent up to the full term of your tenancy. As said, in the UK you only have to give one months’ notice (the landlord has to give two) once the initial 6 months has ended. It goes to a roll-over situation. It might be possible to avoid paying two lots of rent (for two properties) but that would provide on ‘good will’ on their part and whether it’s possible for them to get a new tenant in as soon as you leave. A landlord is only interested in keeping his income flowing. If you try to buck the system, you may well end up in Court (with a record) and lose your deposit monies too.

Most landlords and their agents stick to the letter of the law – we were given notice, all correct, when our landlord wanted the property back to live in (so no incoming tenant). We stayed a day over (1st of the following month when our new tenancy began) and were charged for the extra 24 hours which frankly I’d not expected, as the tenancy was originally ‘long term’ and as the owner changed her mind, it wasn’t. We were also charged a huge sum for a ‘walk through’ when the property was empty, and spotless – far cleaner than when we took up the tenancy. Fact is everything favors the landlord/agent, and NOT the tenant.”


“In the UK the law says that a tenant on a periodic tenancy the one that you are on only has to give 1 months’ notice to leave the property not two and it is the landlord that has to give 2 months’ notice. Notify the agents of what the housing act says and see what they say. Your periodic tenancy is a continuation of the original tenancy on the same terms and conditions the only thing that has changed is that you no longer have a fixed term.”


“You will have to pay for an extra 2 months if you leave early without the proper notice. Your landlord can sue you for it.”


“You will have to pay for an additional 2 months if you leave early deprived of the proper sign. Your property-owner can sue you for it.”


“Every state has their own tenant/landlord laws. But as a month-to-month tenant most require a 30-day notice. so, check your states tenant/landlord laws.”


“The landlord can take you to court for the month’s rent you didn’t pay and add their legal/court costs to that as well, so you either need to pay the full two months giving the correct notice or you speak to the landlord asap and see if you can come to an agreement”


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