Can i kick my kids’ father out if he is on my lease but does not pay bills?

A question by mary :  do i have the right to kick my kids dad out if he is on my rent lease, he does not have a job and doesn’t pay any bills we have 4 kids together and one on the way in Aug. and when he does work his odd jobs, he gets some stuff for the house and takes the rest to gamble?


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If you are not married, you must issue him with an eviction notice in accordance with the law. You might want to add him to child support if he refuses to pay it. Since COVID-19 is ongoing, you can complete it online in the majority of states. If you have any joint accounts, keep them alone. If your direct deposit is received there, however, start a new, separate account right away, and adjust your direct deposit.

Inform him that he must go or you will file a lawsuit to have him removed. Get a legal order against him if he continues. Tell him that he is no longer welcome because it is your home and you pay for it. I am aware that in this day and age you must follow the law; you cannot evict someone if he has bills or mail coming to his address. If so, be sure to shift the bills into your name so that everything is done properly when you file a lawsuit to have him leave the property.


Sticky situation. Your lease is a binding contract between Party A, the landlord, and Party B, you and your children’s father. Each member of Party B is each 100% responsible for rent and damages to the rental caused by you, your children’s.”


“No. All tenants on the same lease are equals under the law. One has no power over the other. It does not matter who does or does not pay what. As long as he remains on the lease, he has a right to live there.


“And no, you may not kick him out. only the landlord can and he is under zero obligation to give you a new lease without him on it until current one has expired and just why are you continuing to procreate with.”


“YOU cannot remove anyone from the lease – only the landlord can do that and he has no reason to release him from the lease.”


“No. He is on the lease so he has as much right to the unit as you do.”


“No. You can put in your notice to move then find another place to live without him.”






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