Buying American Silver Eagle Coins Right Now?

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Anonymous ask: Is a purchase of Investment grade US American Silver Eagle Coins REALLY a good choice right now from an investment standpoint?

In looking at the figures it seems they all start out pretty strong and then die off in value after a few years. Or am I wrong in this thinking and should be looking at this as a buying opportunity from a contrarian standpoint? Anyone have any good ideas here?Please advise. Thank you and God Bless.

(A) answered: They start off strong because the collectors are after them. Once that rush is over, prices settle back, or continue to escalate once a rarity is discovered. Eventually, those, too, reach a price plateau. I advise buying collector coins only if you are a collector and it gives you pleasure. Otherwise, stick to the bullion coins. The silver market is weak right now and Numismatic coins are something that you may get stuck with. Experts seem to think that silver will go down to about 14 dollars. Log on to KITCO and look at the silver history. Those Eagles are real nice to have if you do not need the money right now.The silver market has been depressed for over a year now and still going down.Your almost better off to hide cash at home.

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