Beware of Age-Old Scam: Road side Fake Gold and others Deceptive Tales.

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Scammers employing classic tactics are still at large, preying on unsuspecting individuals and targeting their goodwill. While the scam might be old, it appears that perpetrators continue to find new and inventive ways to swindle people. A recent encounter involved an individual who was approached by two men and a woman in a white SUV. The scenario is a familiar one – a plea for assistance with a twist.

Here’s how the scam unfolded:

  1. Friendly Approach: The passenger of the SUV called the victim over, appearing friendly and approachable.
  2. Gas Request with a Language Barrier: The scammers initiated their ruse by pretending to ask for directions to a gas station. However, their broken English made it difficult to understand their request, revealing an immediate red flag.
  3. The Money Motion: The driver, seemingly orchestrating the act, motioned towards the woman passenger, indicating that she needed money.
  4. The Gold Chain: The passenger, now playing his part, interrupted the conversation and asked for money while producing a gold chain from his pocket.

Recognizing the scam, the victim promptly declined and walked away, refusing to be taken advantage of.

The entire scenario had an unusual twist to it – it appeared as though the scammers were coaching one of their own. This peculiar encounter featured a victim who wasn’t the typical target, dressed casually and approached in a residential area.

While scams involving fake gold jewelry have been around for years, the scammers’ audacity and creativity continue to evolve. Instances like these serve as a reminder to remain vigilant and cautious when approached by strangers making unusual requests. The age-old scams persist, and it’s essential to stay informed, recognize the warning signs, and avoid falling victim to fraudulent schemes. Remember, it’s best to report such incidents to the authorities and rely on legitimate channels to assist those genuinely in need.

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  1. ChicagoDash

    While I was merging onto the highway, I was flagged down by an individual who positioned himself in the middle of the on-ramp. I cautiously pulled over and rolled down my passenger window to inquire about his well-being. He appeared to be distressed and quickly recounted a tale of being a traveler from a distant city who had fallen victim to a robbery, losing his wallet in the process. He requested financial assistance for fuel, even going so far as to offer a gold chain from around his neck and a sizable gold ring from his finger in exchange for the money. Although the situation appeared plausible initially, the casual manner in which he offered his jewelry raised suspicion.

    Maintaining politeness, I returned his jewelry and explained that I did not have any cash on hand. In response, he suggested that he could follow me to an ATM, but I declined the offer and proceeded to drive away. This encounter left me with doubts, as it gave off a scam-like vibe. I questioned what his true intentions might have been, considering that he seemingly had little to gain from me other than a modest sum of cash, had I possessed any.

    1. Alexandre Laurent

      Indeed, when faced with such situations, it is advisable to contact the police or highway patrol through their non-emergency line. This proactive step serves a twofold purpose: if the person is genuinely in need of assistance, the authorities can provide the necessary help, and if it’s a potential scam, the presence of law enforcement may deter any ill-intentioned individuals.




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