Avoid graded coins if you’re only interest in stacking Gold Coins.

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The heat of the failing economy is revealing gold to be an investment that can stand the test of time. While currencies and other paper interests are fluctuating in value, gold is holding steady at a high per ounce price that is triple what it was less than 20 years ago.

Those interested in how to buy gold for investment should know that investors are finding gold coins to be a great way to purchase this metal. They are small, beautiful and easy to store and handle. They are also easy to acquire.

Types of Gold Coins.

There are basically two categories of gold coins: bullion and numismatic. The former is what investors should be looking at. The numismatic coins are generally for collectors. They tend to be old and specialty type pieces. Sometimes, their value may be substantially higher than actual gold bullion. However, the problem with them is finding a buyer. Because they are specialty items, they are not exactly easily used as legal tender, if at all.

  • You can avoid graded coins if you’re only interest in stacking bullion.
  • High price of both silver and gold have made prices of even common coins high for collectors.
  • Because of the premium Pre-33 coins are collector coins.
  • bullion grade pieces because it is very easy to sell.
  • When you sell, most dealers are unconcerned about collecter premiums. With any luck you will get spot price or slightly higher than spot.

Gold bullion coins can be purchased in a variety of forms. The most common are South African Krugerrands, which were the first gold coins minted as an investment product, the American Eagle and Buffalo, the Chinese Panda as well as the Canadian gold maple leaf.

Each of these coins will have a different mixture of gold. For example, the Krugerrand and the American coins are 917 parts per thousand. The Canadian coins are 999 parts per thousand. The difference in these numbers means that the Canadian is purer than the American or South African coins.

That being said, the coins with less parts per thousand are stronger because they are mixed with other stronger metals. Gold, just like silver, is a very soft metal and sometimes requires mixing to maintain durability and value over time.

Buying Gold Coins from a Firm.

Before buying cons from any firm, it is essential to know the establishment’s reputation. There are endless horror stories of people buying fake gold or of internet firms running off with people’s money. This is why it is important to do some background checks on whoever you may be buying gold from. They are fast and easy to perform and could save your entire investment. Contact the Better Business Bureau to begin your background check. Also, a Google search may prove to be helpful.

Gold is a solid investment and has been for nearly all time. It is practically immune from the human caprices of the stocks and currencies markets and it is tangible. Coins are an easy and low maintenance way to own gold. For those interested in gold coins, doing a little bit of homework on where and from whom to buy will yield a variety of reputable firms ready to help you

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