As a potential home buyer would you rather have new carpet vs. stained carpet or stainless steel appliances vs functioning black appliances?

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A question by :  I am only planning on upgrading one of those items in my home, which one would you prefer as a potential buyer? The black appliances I currently have work great and don’t appear outdated, but of course stainless steel would look better. The current carpet I have has sever big stains in main areas from previous

Update: Also I have had the carpets professionally cleaned multiple times by multiple companies and they have not been able to remove the stains so those are permanent.


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“I agree maybe do nothing but be agreeable to some type of concession; While i agree stain carpet stands out, what if the potential buyer doesn’t even want carpet (it’s pretty easy to put wood fl down)? or doesn’t like the new color? Versus stainless steel appliance, also if someone is dying on stainless steel they will also be dying for granted counter tops as well can’t have on without the other in a kitchen for certain people”


“If I were buying a house and saw stained carpets, I would expect a concession so that I could replace them. Black appliances over stainless steel wouldn’t bother me at all.

You should go ahead and have the carpet cleaned before you put the house on the market.

I personally like black appliances and if they are updated and look nice, but if they are dated, it will not be a pleaser or raise the price of the house. And when you replace a carpet, that will help you sell it but no matter what you do you will never pick out the right colors for the new owners. Spend as little as possible and only on things that will bring in more $.”


“I would rip out carpets anyway, stained or not. I like hardwood/tile and area rugs

I would junk the stainless steel or black appliances as well. I prefer white”


“I would prefer to pay a lower price and choose my own carpet and appliances. Your taste would not be the same as mine and a brand new carpet and appliances that I don’t like would put me off buying the property as I would not want to pay extra for stuff I did not like.”


“No way to tell. Offer allowances for either/both. One reason is, I hate stainless steel appliances. There’s no accounting for buyers’ tastes in carpet color or anything else. Just offer a discount for the buyer to get their preference.”


“You might do nothing and in your sale price and listing indicate you would offer a concession for the carpet up to a certain amount.

In doing it this way any potential buyer would be able to select their color to match their furniture and the color they prefer.

As long as the kitchen has clean appliance, no grease showing on the side and in the oven and looks sort of modern, you might not have a problem there.”


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