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The buzz surrounding Costco’s gold bars has piqued your interest, prompting you to ponder whether collecting gold coins might offer better long-term value compared to the gold bars available at Costco. So, what’s the verdict? While Costco typically provides the most cost-effective option, gold coins come with enhanced security features that can make them more appealing for resale down the line.

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Lastest Costco offer.

17 février 2024 Costco’s Offering of Fortuna 25g Multigram Gold Bars.

New at Costco: Fortuna 25g Multigram Gold Bars – Limited Stock Alert! 🌟 ($1,799 each) This marks the second time they’ve offered these gram bars; the last time was in 2023. The premium may seem high compared to their usual deals, but these are 1g bars, not 1oz. Features: 24kt Gold, Non-Refundable. These bars are incredibly small, fitting in the palm of your hand. Please note the limit of 1 transaction per membership, with a maximum of 2 units. Also, the item is not eligible for price adjustments. Grab yours before they’re gone.

Past Costco Offer.

23 janvier 2024 tube of twenty 2024 Silver Eagle coins, each weighing 1 oz, for $519.0

  • Got a case of silver fever? 😂 Check out the current Costco deal on a new tube of 2024 Silver Eagle coins, each weighing 1 oz, for under $500, thanks to a 4% cash back with Citi and executive membership. For those in tax-free states, it’s an even sweeter deal. Unfortunately, us Cali buyers face a limit of 2, making it tough to qualify for a tax exemption under 2k. Still, snagging a tube for just over $500 with the cash back is a killer deal, especially considering the prior high prices on Costco. This deal is ideal for long-term investment rather than a quick cash-in. Missed the silver eagle rolls? Wondering how other dealers can compete with Costco’s behemoth deals? Costco is already selling eagles for just $2.25 over spot, potentially signaling a challenge for online dealers. Will Costco raise prices to match competitors, or will they stick with razor-thin margins, relying on their massive customer base and publicity? sers share their observations on various retailers’ prices, with Walmart initially listing a product at $544.60, while others claim a lower price of $543.40. In the comment, A Costco member notes that SD Bullion offers a more economical option than the wholesale club.

19 janvier 2024  Pamp 50-gram gold bars online at $3349.99

  • Costco sells 50-gram gold bars online to its members. The PAMP Suisse Lady Fortuna gold bars are Swiss-made, 999.9 fine gold minted bars with a proof-like finish. The price for the 50-gram gold bar is $3349.99 and they are limited to two per membership. Wow no kidding. Not surprised under spot and retty much the same price per gram as the other 1oz bars from Pamp. The bars are in high demand and tend to sell out within hours of being made available for purchase. The product is non-refundable and not eligible for price adjustments. The gold bars are expected to be in stock and available for purchase soon, and members need to check the website for availability.

12 janvier 2024 oz PAMP Suisse Lady Fortuna bars at the price of $2,080👍

It seems a bit early for a market drop, prompting speculation about potential changes in their strategy. The outlook for 2024 appears uncertain and volatile due to brewing macroeconomic issues, such as the cost of borrowing and ongoing challenges in countries like Russia, potentially leading to brief sell-offs.

Despite the uncertainties, some investors find leverage appealing. Personally, I’m taking advantage of a 0% introductory rate for 12 months on a bullion card to leverage my gold purchases through APMEX. This allows me to maximize my investment and spread payments over a year. Moreover, many states, including mine with a threshold of $1,000, don’t impose taxes on gold bullion purchases above a certain dollar amount, making it a tax-efficient strategy.

Interestingly, I’d face taxes on a numismatic coin purchase. While I don’t anticipate a drop as drastic as the $1.6K seen in 2022, a brief dip to around $1.8K would be enticing, especially considering potential Costco deals.

As of now, the spot price is $2,030, indicating it’s not as favorable as previous opportunities. However, the same bar is priced at $2,121 through APMEX on Walmart, and even higher at $2,149 (check) / $2,238 (cc) on APMEX’s official website.

11 janvier 2024 100g PAMP Bars at $6,600

I noticed the availability around 2:20 pm EST, a bit later than the usual 2:00 pm drop time. Given the limited quantities compared to the 1oz issues, it seems these 100g PAMP bars might not stay in stock for long. I’m speculating on Costco’s profit margins, wondering if the price increase is an attempt to offset a decrease in spot prices. Some are discussing the 100g bars attracting fewer buyers, and there’s an expressed desire for alternative products like buffaloes. I’m also sharing my experience, noting the rapid sell-out and the perceived value of purchasing from Costco, factoring in free shipping and credit card points.

6 janvier 2024 1 oz gold bar by rand refinery 1 is up for sale on Costco.

The shipping details for the product involve UPS insured standard shipping, included in the quoted price, with a required signature upon delivery. Expect the delivery within approximately 3 to 5 business days from the order time. However, a discrepancy in the listed price has caused confusion among users. Initially seen as 2079, then briefly removed, it reappeared at 2099

Details of the Product:
Noteworthy Features of the Bar:

  • 1 ounce of 999.9 fine gold in a minted bar
  • Produced in South Africa by an LBMA Good Delivery Refiner
  • Comes enclosed in a sealed black assay card
  • Each bar bears a distinct serial number stamp
  • Rand Refinery stands as the world’s largest integrated single-site precious metal refining and smelting complex

Terms & Conditions:

  • The item is non-refundable
  • Not eligible for price adjustments

The reviews on Costco’s gold bars reveal a mix of experiences. Some buyers praise the competitive pricing, swift delivery, and ease of ordering. One customer, a seasoned gold purchaser, notes that Costco offered the lowest price compared to other well-known sellers like Apmex and Kitco. They lauded the speed and convenience of the purchase process, especially highlighting the 4% reward using the Costco card, which lowered the price below the market rate.

However, logistical issues marred the experience for some. Complaints centered on delayed shipping, prolonged wait times, and discrepancies in the number of bars received compared to what was ordered. UPS delivery concerns were raised, with instances of packages being left unattended despite the requirement for a signature. Additionally, some customers expressed dissatisfaction with the packaging, reporting scratches and lack of sealing on the clamshell packaging.

4 janvier 2024 Maple Gold Coins for Sale at $2099.99.

The Maple coins at Costco slipped past me last December, missing out on a potential 5% cashback with my Chase Freedom card. Now available at $2079.99 in NorCal, I’m thrilled as a Maple enthusiast, especially with the addition of Charles in 2024. These coins dominate my collection, and Costco’s deal, especially with the Canadian Mint editions, is stellar. With the 2% executive rewards and Costco Visa perks, it’s under $2k. Finally nabbed the Costco gold deal! My collection leans heavily toward Maples (50%), followed by Eagles (40%), and a sprinkling (10%) of everything else in gold and silver. Clarification: I prefer the Queen’s appearance on the coin, but I’ll eventually grab some 2024s.

Initially, Apmex sold them at $84.99 above spot ($2,145.79 per coin). It’s a decent deal, now priced at $2,124, saving you $45. Not sure about all the hype, though.

23 décembre 2023. Rand bars 1 ounce available at Costco for $2079.99.

After three hours, the Rand gold bars are still available at Costco, indicating a potential slowdown in purchases, in my opinion. I wonder what the last gold price was. Two factors come into play here: Firstly, it’s right before Christmas, a time that could affect buying patterns. Secondly, the Rand bars might be considered ‘basic.’ If you’re not particularly drawn to the elephant motif, the PAMP bars could seem more ‘fancy’. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find information on which city and state are selling these bars—I checked the Orlando and Chicago warehouses, but they were unavailable. It’s important to note that not all warehouses carry them, with many opting for online purchases due to free shipping.


14 décembre 2023 Costco gold at spot !

Thanks to the Fed’s accommodating stance, gold prices rallied for a second consecutive day, nearing the supply zone around $2,040 in the Asian session. Today Costco Fortuna Ingot is at $2,029. Upon rechecking, it remains at 2029.00. I didn’t make a move this time around. The pursuit of capturing the lunar dragon continues—I missed it last time it emerged. Yet, I’m hopeful to snag it at a slightly better price now. While you’ve acquired the maple leaf, my preference leans towards the dragon. If it surfaces next and holds the same price or dips lower…

Gold ingots, specifically the 1-ounce gold bars, have become incredibly sought-after despite their near $2,000 price point.

These bars are exclusively found on Costco’s website and in select stores, with access limited to Costco members who can view prices and make purchases. As expected, these gold ingots are non-refundable, and there’s a cap of two bars per membership.

17 novembre 2023. Costco Fortuna surprisingly priced at $2,029.99 after 15 minutes.

The recent surge in interest for gold at Costco Fortuna has resulted in quick sellouts, with the Rand now being offered at $2,029.99, matching the earlier success of Fortuna. Costco, a major US supermarket chain, has ventured into selling gold bullion online, notably featuring a 34-karat Swiss-made ounce bearing the imprint of the “Swiss Goddess of Fortune Veriscan.

“Richard Galanti, the chain’s finance chief, acknowledged the overwhelming customer demand for this unique offering, prompting purchase restrictions of up to two units per customer due to rapid sales within hours of availability

2 novembre 2023 . Costco PAMP Dragon Gold Bar become available for purchase.

The highly sought-after Costco PAMP Dragon gold bar, priced at $2,029.99, is expected to become available for purchase later today. However, the exact time remains uncertain, and there’s no guarantee it will be in stock today, as it might be postponed to tomorrow or even friday. Rest assured, vigilant members on platforms like SlickDeals are likely to share updates once it becomes available.

Now, let’s break down the potential savings for savvy buyers.

Costco Executive members can enjoy a 2% cashback, amounting to $40 in this case. On top of that, Chase Freedom cardholders can benefit from a 5% cashback, with a quarterly cap of $75, applicable at warehouse clubs this quarter. When you factor in these savings and the added advantage of free shipping, your total cost will amount to just $1,915.

The item in question is the 1 oz Gold Bar PAMP Lunar Legends Azure Dragon (New in Assay), bearing the item number 1778080 and exclusively available to members for $2,039.99. It’s important to note that while the gold price has slightly decreased, the price of this specific gold bar has risen, resulting in a 2.3% premium. While this premium is reasonable, it no longer represents the exceptional deal it once was. While the price may have gone up, many buyers are still securing gold at prices below the market rate, making it an attractive proposition for investors and collectors alike.

27 octobre 2023. Costco gold bars are available again!

They’ve even featured this item prominently on the Costco app’s homepage, although it quickly sold out. The cost for two of these items came to $1999 each, and there were no additional costs for tax or shipping. It’s worth noting that this item was already available on Costco’s website earlier today, but the chances of it being restocked today are quite low. My guess is that the dragon design will likely make a return either tomorrow or sometime next week. This price of $1879 is the same as a few weeks ago, and this is because the price of gold has also increased during that time.

21 octobre 2023. Costco PAMP Dragon go live in USA for $1,999.99 Just $10 over spot!

n this opportunity to purchase gold at a great price, folks! To access the product, use the link provided in this thread, as a regular search on the app or website may not yield results.  Costco price has gone up, last time it was 1939.99 for Pamp bar by Costco , so has gold spot price per ounce ($1,990 today).

It’s peculiar that searching for “gold bar” or “PAMP” doesn’t yield any results, but the product link is prominently displayed on the website and app’s front page, confirming its availability at this moment. It’s possible that they secured this stock at lower spot prices in the 1800s and are offering it at the current spot price, which is indeed a fantastic deal if accurate.

  • Costco’s Executive Members enjoy a 2% reward on their purchases, and on top of that, you can expect to receive an additional 2% cash back from your credit card rewards.
  • Please be aware that certain states impose taxes on these purchases. You can review the tax regulations by state here.
  • It’s important to note that while Costco exclusively accepts Visa for in-store payments, you have the flexibility to use Visa, Mastercard, and Discover when shopping online.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to participate in this opportunity, but I wish everyone good luck! It’s also possible that they have a deal with the supplier to acquire the product at a percentage below the current spot price, regardless of market fluctuations. Let’s hope the PAMP Fortuna 50-gram gold bar will become available next today. If you’ve not purchased from Costco in the past, i share experience with the delivery process; The delivery is overnight, but since today is Friday, you might not receive it until Monday. UPS requires a signature upon delivery.

14 octobre 2023. the Rand 1oz gold bar at the price of $1,949.

It’s Item #1768080. Keep an eye out today, though we’re uncertain about the exact timing. Costco is set to restock the Rand 1oz gold bar at a price of $1,949, unless they adjust it upwards due to this morning’s spike in the spot price. Remember to utilize the Chase Freedom Flex card for a 5% cashback offer on your first $1,500 spent, especially since this quarter’s bonus category is wholesale clubs (like Costco).

In Ottawa, there was a quick delivery within a week via UPS Canada, but surprisingly, no signature was required. Currently, the price displayed is $1,949.99, but it’s subject to change depending on how closely Costco monitors the day-to-day fluctuations in the spot price. While they’re tracking spot prices more effectively now, it’s unlikely they have minute-by-minute tracking like APMEX, JM, SD, and others. However, given the spot price’s $45 increase, now sitting at $1,916, they may raise the price before it goes live.

, personally, I’d prefer to invest in options like gold eagles, kugerrands, or pre-1933 gold coins, even if they come with a slightly higher premium. This preference is due in part to the additional benefits of a Costco executive membership and their card, which provide a 4% cashback, ultimately resulting in a net cost of $1,871, $59 below the spot price and $138 less than the cheapest American Gold Eagle I could find at the moment.

As for the delivery, it’s being sent via certified mail through UPS, not USPS. They’re employing overnight shipping with a signature requirement. One of the two bars ordered on the 11th has already arrived, while the other remains stuck in processing at the local facility.

  • 1 oz 999.9 fine gold minted bar
  • South African-made by a LBMA Good Delivery Refiner
  • Arrives in a sealed black assay card
  • Individually stamped with a unique serial number
  • Rand Refinery is the largest integrated single-site precious metal refining and smelting complex in the world

13 octobre 2023. Costco 1 oz gold dragon, get it while you can 🤪

At $1950 it’s a deal and still available. – An Exceptional Bullion Bar: This remarkable app serves as a vigilant ally, sending timely alerts. Prior to my sharing this, it remains in stock – a deal to just capitalized on. I hope for you gratitude for the notification ;)! Now, let’s discuss the recent tax imposition in California; it’s undoubtedly infuriating. 😡

However, there’s a loophole: if you make a purchase exceeding $2500, you can elude those pesky taxes in California. So, my strategy usually involves buying in pairs. The prices on eBay clearly reflect the demand, often crossing the $200 mark above the spot price. While this seems somewhat exorbitant, it’s still a reasonable deal, considering the circumstances. The pricing could have been more favorable, but at least my order is arriving tomorrow.

I’ve been curious about their operations – how do they manage to maintain this supply? I have the app installed on my phone, making it convenient to check. Periodically, I browse the Explore page, where they often list active gold bar deals. When it’s not on the Explore page, I simply enter the item number into the search bar. If it’s active, great results; if not, the item remains elusive.

One crucial tip: after using the app, make sure to close it and clear the cache. This ensures a clean and effective search every time you open it again.

10 octobre 2023. 1oz Gold Bar Rand Refinery is live on Costco.

If you are looking for purchasing gold without realizing that Costco offered gold you should check it. Initially skeptical, I thoroughly reviewed the product description to ensure it was 24K purity and one troy ounce in weight. To my surprise, Costco had the lowest price in the market. below spot price today.

What made this deal even more incredible was the 4% reward I received by using my Costco card, which brought the cost of the bars below the market price. Additionally, the 2% cashback from my executive membership and another 2% cashback from my Costco Visa card made it even more enticing. Around 2:30 pm Eastern time, the price was $1879, an unbelievable offer when combined with a 2% cashback card like Wells Fargo Active Cash or the Costco Visa card for executive members. It was not only cheaper than the spot price but also 100% legitimate. This deal wasn’t just a rare find; it was an impossibility in the world of gold purchasing.

6 octobre 2023. Costco gold ingots PAMPs are back up today for $1,879.99

On 6 th October, at approximately 1:30pm EST, Costco unveiled the availability of PAMP Fortunas gold bars, priced at $1,879.99, during a brief window of opportunity. This launch garnered notable attention as it departed from the typical practice of alerts being issued by enthusiasts when such products become available in the market.

Costco has consistently demonstrated its commitment to providing its members with exceptional value on an extensive array of goods, including household essentials, grocery items, and more. Beyond conventional offerings, the retailer has ventured into unique product categories such as engagement rings, swimming pools, and even caskets, all offered at competitive prices.

PAMP Fortuna gold bars are available in various sizes, ranging from small fractional-ounce bars to larger bars that contain multiple troy ounces of gold. The bars typically bear the PAMP logo, weight, purity, and a unique serial number for security and authenticity verification.

The 1-ounce, 24-karat gold minted bars featured in this release are sourced from Switzerland and boast the distinction of being carbon-neutral. Each bar undergoes meticulous individual control, registration, and secure packaging within CertiPAMP’s protective enclosure, ensuring the highest standards of quality and integrity.

As of Thursday morning, the prevailing rate for these premium gold bars stands at approximately $1,880, with a strict purchase limit of two bars per Costco member. Despite this limitation, demand for the product remains robust, evidenced by its rapid depletion from shelves during a brief 30-minute window—a deviation from the retailer’s typically longer availability periods. While anecdotal evidence suggests that Thursdays or Fridays may be optimal days for product availability, it’s worth noting that the release schedule appears to vary across the week, including weekends, within a once-per-week frequency.

For those interested in a more comprehensive analysis, an in-depth search within relevant forums may reveal patterns in past alerts. However, due to the dynamic nature of the market and supply chain, such patterns may be challenging to ascertain conclusively.

Costco remains dedicated to offering exceptional value and diverse product selections to its valued members. The introduction of these 24-karat gold bars underscores the retailer’s commitment to providing unique and sought-after items at competitive prices.

Over the extended duration, the price of gold has exhibited a steady ascent.

Precious metals, including gold, have seen a consistent upward trajectory over the past five years. In 2019, the price of gold stood at approximately $1,200 per ounce. Fast forward to the present day, and it has surged to $1,825 as of the most recent data available, as reported by CNBC’s market exchange. Furthermore, it reached a notable peak at $2,026 per ounce in April of the current year. These price trends have led to heightened premiums in the gold market.

29 septembre 2023. Costco 1 oz Gold Bar available again at $1930.

While the exact bargain price ($1930) remains exclusive to members, those bars were recently priced at just under $1,979. Spot gold, which had been trading at $1,876.56 an ounce as of Wednesday afternoon, makes this a seemingly enticing deal. However, it’s worth noting that these bars are exclusively available online and accessible only to Costco members, who pay either $120 or $60 annually, depending on their chosen program. Additionally, there is a purchase limit of two bars per customer, making it challenging to amass a substantial investment for financial security. Given the recent attention and the limited availability of these gold bars, it’s anticipated that they will continue to sell out rapidly in the foreseeable future

22 septembre 2023. Costco 1 oz Gold Bar PAMP Suisse at 1979 USD!!!

Costco offers 1 oz gold bars from PAMP Suisse Lady Fortuna Veriscan with a proof-like finish. However, it’s essential to note that buying gold products from Costco requires a membership, and they provide a Gold Star Membership valid for one year, accessible at any Costco location worldwide and on their website. t’s worth mentioning that the availability of gold products at Costco can vary depending on location and time. The price for the 1 oz gold bar was $1979.99, slightly exceeding the current spot price of $1920. Thats a very good price. While it may be above the spot price, the convenience of purchasing from a reputable retailer like Costco can offset this difference for some buyers.

Alerts and Notifications: how to receive alerts about such deals.

To get timely updates, users can set up alerts using specific keywords. In this case, using “assay” as a search term will display previous posts about the Costco gold deal. It is recommended to select an option that provides instant notifications to your mobile device when the chosen keyword is triggered, ensuring you don’t miss out on potential deals.

Cash Back Benefits:

Costco also offers additional benefits for its members. By using a Costco credit card, buyers can receive 2% cash back on their purchase. For those with an executive account, there is an additional 2% cash back option, providing a total of 4% cash back on the purchase.

If you’re looking to purchase Costco gold, it’s important to note that some items may only be available for online ordering and not in warehouses. Additionally, once an item is sold out, it is typically removed from the website, which can be frustrating for those looking to purchase it later. However, in the past, Costco has allowed customers to save items to a list for future reference. This can be helpful when trying to quickly purchase Costco gold on sale. It’s recommended to check the official website for the most up-to-date information on available gold products and promotions. If you’re able to find a good deal, it’s a good idea to take advantage of it and purchase while you can.

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that other financial institutions, like Chase, occasionally offer cash back promotions at wholesale clubs. For instance, Chase recently announced a 5% cash back offer on $1500 worth of spending at wholesale clubs between now and the end of the year. This effectively translates to 7% cash back on the first $1500 spent and 2% cash back on any amount beyond that.

Presently, Costco is making one-ounce gold bars available at a price well below the market rate. However, there’s a caveat. These exclusive gold bars are reserved for Costco members alone, and they can be acquired through online purchases but, and, this is less known, by a few physical stores, Costco Business center. Importantly, there’s no age restriction, meaning anyone, whether a senior or not, can capitalize on this enticing deal.

Nevertheless, a challenge emerges. These sought-after gold bars tend to vanish from the virtual shelves with extraordinary swiftness. At the time of writing this article, they are disappearing with such alacrity that it defies analogy. Thus, if you’re contemplating securing some for yourself, swift action is essential. Timing is of the essence, and readiness can significantly impact your chances.

Now, you may be wondering whether it’s possible to capitalize on this incredible opportunity by purchasing in bulk. Regrettably, there’s a limit of two gold bars per member. Nevertheless, even with this restriction, it remains a compelling opportunity for individuals seeking to enhance the diversity of their investment portfolios with precious metals.

Either you managed early this morning to add a gold bar to your cart for $1929.99, but alas, it sold out at the checkout stage. This rush to acquire gold can often be attributed to the “CNBC effect,” where an influx of buyers can drive prices higher. Moreover, there are some perks if you’re a Costco Executive member. You can benefit from a 2% executive rebate and an additional 2% rebate if you pay with a Costco Citi card, potentially allowing you to acquire gold at or below the spot price. So, other retailers like Walmart can also be viable options for acquiring precious metals.

Also, don’t overlook the fact that Walmart offers American Gold Eagles (AGEs) and American Gold Buffalos (AGBs) at reasonable prices, akin to Costco. If you have a Walmart credit card, you can enjoy similar cash back savings.

Costco gold bars were available since june 2023, but buzz catch them.

Since approximately June, these bars have been consistently available for purchase. You might expect that an adept marketing manager would respond to the evident sell-out trend by procuring a larger inventory or coordinating with suppliers like APMEX or A-Mark to ensure a continuous supply. It’s worth noting that Costco’s predominant source of profit stems from membership fees, making the acquisition of more members their paramount objective. It appears that this particular offering is accomplishing that objective admirably, considering the substantial attention and excitement it has generated. So waiting to buy later is a good option. It’s not unreasonable to believe that, in the future, these gold bars might become more readily accessible. For the moment, regardless of whether you succeed in purchasing one, this information can serve as a signal to monitor Costco’s website diligently, with the hope that they will eventually be able to meet the substantial demand.

Currently, gold is hovering close to its all-time high. Historically, it hasn’t spent much time above $2,000 per ounce, whereas silver has reached as high as $50 per ounce. If gold were to reach a new all-time high and venture into uncharted territory, the potential gains from its current position would be relatively modest. In contrast, if silver were to return to its previous highs, you could potentially double your investment. To achieve a 2x return on gold, it would need to reach $4,000 per ounce.

If you’re confident that you are not liable for state tax and have access to your state tax code documentation supporting this claim, follow these steps to make your purchase and request a sales tax exemption from Costco:

  1. Initially, complete the purchase with the state tax included.
  2. Send an email to [email protected], requesting a Costco Wholesale Sales Tax Exemption Claim form.
  3. Costco will respond with the form’s URL via email.
  4. Proceed to fill out the exemption claim form, providing all the requested information.
  5. Mail the completed form to the following address:Costco Wholesale – Operations/Buying Tax Department 999 Lake Drive Issaquah, Washington 98027
  6. Within about 5 days, you should receive an email acknowledging the exemption and a credit to your credit card. (Please note that this process is specific to your situation and not related to New Jersey.)

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