Are ‘Pure Silver Flakes’ Authentic silver?

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New to collecting, I’ve bought rounds from APMEX and received coins as gifts in my childhood. Sometimes, I come across the chance to buy a small 1” glass vial labeled as “Pure Silver Flakes.” I’m skeptical about such offerings; is there a reliable method to test these flakes for authenticity? I’ve read about tests involving vinegar and specific gravity, but given the flake form, it might be challenging. Any suggestions on the most effective way to test these silver flakes?



Pure silver flakes, small pieces of 100% pure silver often found in glass vials, serve multiple purposes in culinary, cosmetic, and artistic fields due to their decorative and lustrous qualities. However, it’s crucial not to stress over these flakes; the real concern lies with coins, rounds, or bars when it comes to verifying authenticity. While the flakes themselves may not be deceptive, they tend to be pricy for the amount you get. The volume in the vial might appear more than it truly contains.

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