Are old Mexican coins worth anything?

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Question by Lecalvo Mexican coins to look for? What are the most valuable Mexican coins ?

Best answer by Guru: Mexican coins are becoming more popular among coin collectors and the value of mexican coins can fetch over $1000 for a centenario gold mexican coin and even more for rare mexican coins. Mexican coin values will vary depending on the condition, weight and rarity of the coin. Mexican gold coins and silver mexican coins may be worth more if they are in a set.

In Mexico, they use Peso’s for their coin system. The peso ranges from a value of Five Centavos to 100 pesos. The word peso in English means weight. The coins of Mexico are very beautiful in design, the smaller denomination are silver in color up to the larger ones, which have a gold ring around them surrounding a silver center. Like most other countries Mexico used to make their coins from gold and silver as well as other materials. They discontinued that practice in 1977, except for the 20 and 50 peso, which still had a .925% silver center up to 2003. Today the 100 peso is still made with a silver center.

Unlike many other countries the Mexican government had to mint non precious metal coins as well because the Mexican population hoarded up the silver and gold coins as soon as they were minted leaving a shortage of coins for regular circulation.

Today’s new pesos began circulation in 1992 when they adopted their current monetary system. The exchange rate is about 14.5 pesos to one US dollar or 20.5 peso per one British pound depending on inflation rates. The peso is one of the most highly traded currencies in the world.

The history of Mexican coins is vast, because of all the different leaderships it has had over the centuries. The first official minted coin in Mexico was in 1535 under the direction of King Charles I and Queen Juana. Even though these coins were made by hand with a hammer they were surprisingly detailed as all had roughly the same thickness and radius.

Looking back through the history of the Mexican coins from 1535 to present time the design of these coins have been influenced by many famous people throughout history like, King Charles I & III, King Philip II & V, and even Napoleon III. Some of the world’s most beautifully designed coins have come from Mexico over the centuries.

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