Are All Gold Half Sovereigns 22ct?

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A question by yido :  I am hoping to sell my sovereign ring, to gain some money to pay off the bills. i really want to know if all sovereigns are 22ct like i have read? I actually think it is a half sovereign (it is about 20 pence size)i don ‘t want to end up losing a lot of money due to me being told that it is not 22ct! any help is appreciated. if it helps i paid £300 for this ring. it has 4 diamonds set in each corner of the ring setting, it is dated i likely to be able to gain back my money or lose a bit/ lot? i have read that a 4g half sovereign in 22ct is worth approx £60 as scrap is this correct? It is a 9ct ring mount, would you say to remove the sovereign from the ring??


It is 22k. You could also work out the value of the ring (mount) I suspect the diamonds are worth zero. Why not try selling it on Ebay as a ring? You know the minimum amount (the gold value) so you may get more for the ring as a whole. Don’t forget you will get slightly lower price for the 1/2 sovereign than a dealer’s selling price, but don’t be tempted to take too much lower, after all gold is gold! Gold is about US$1685 an ounce. So, weigh your items separately. 22K is 22/24 of the weight x price and 9k is 9/24 Convert to GBP using current rate take off a few £ and Bob’s your uncle. Try the manufacturing jewelers in Hatton Garden. See what sort of price the offer.


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“Sure is, expect to get £150-£160 for a 1982 half sovereign. If the body of the ring is 9ct expect only a few quid..”


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