Any Recommendations for Top-notch Facebook gold Buying Groups? Seeking Alternatives to ‘Silver & Gold Bullion and More! Buy/Sell/Trade

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Any recommendations for quality Facebook (or other) purchasing communities? I’ve had positive experiences with the “Silver & Gold Bullion and More! Buy/Sell/Trade” group, making some reliable purchases. Are there additional buying groups on Facebook or other platforms that you would recommend exploring?


there are Facebook groups dedicated to buying and selling gold, silver, and even junk silver. These groups offer a safer alternative to online marketplaces, fostering a sense of community that swiftly identifies and removes potential scammers. Additionally, Silver & Gold Bullion and More! Buy/Sell/Trade provides another relatively secure avenue for transactions. It’s worth noting that prices in the Facebook groups often appear to be more competitive than other platforms.


I’ve been hearing that FB groups can be a solid choice, but I’m a bit overwhelmed trying to figure out which ones suit a guy like me in Brooklyn.
Admittedly, I might have gone a tad overboard with my fascination for Morgan & Peace coins. It’s like I’ve shifted from stacking to collecting, especially with numismatics posing as bullion rounds. Trust me; it’s a slippery slope!
So, here’s the deal – anyone stumbled upon FB groups ideal for buying/selling coins and bullion in the USA? I reside in NYC. Would love your input!



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