American gold coin treasure hoard of the rare USA gold 20-dollar bullion

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from the article in the September 21st, 2001 edition of

Mint State Gold is one of the current hot issues. The demand for No Motto and With Motto Saints is tremendous. We see several large numismatic firms trying to buy these Saints in quantity. And, they are not shy about posting strong Bids in order to be successful. Notice the healthy percentage gains on our top ten Saint Gaudens Type chart over the last three months. It becomes plainly obvious that quality is in demand and dealers are willing to pay to get it. The MS65 and MS66 grades are heavily sought-after. This is certainly understandable as dealers tell us that their customers are looking to add quantities of these coins to their portfolios. Also, the strongest sight-unseen demand is being offered for No Motto Saints from the Wells Fargo hoard. Dealers know that these Wells Fargo examples are especially well struck with nice blazing luster. Also, very few of these high grades No Motto Saints possess carbon spots. Spots have become a dirty word among Mint State Gold collector/ investors. Dealers are willing to pay approximately 10-15 percent more for Wells Fargo Saints in NGC or PCGS holders for grades from MS63 thru MS65. They are willing to pay nearly 7 percent more for MS66 certified examples.

No Motto 1908 $20 Saint-Gaudens Gold Coins Are Pedigreed

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