Am I better off investing in Gold bullion bars or coins? what’s the best choice for profit in the long run?

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Best answer By Guru: If you’re looking at purchasing physical gold, it’s better to stick with the bars than coins. The coins sell at a higher premium than that bars, so you won’t spend as much. Also, stick with 1 oz. bars. They are easier to sell and if you need cash on only need to sell a few ounces, it’s easier than trying to sell a 1 kg. brick and repurchase additional bars.

investment analyst says: Safe investment is best investment. The first rule of investment is risk mitigation and investment diversification. Therefore irrespective of the amount of investment , one has to diversify his portfolio and should have a balanced investment. In order to have a safe portfolio, you should diversify your investments ,say Gold,Crude oil, real estate,equity, treasury bonds etc.

The mix of the percentage of investment is upto your individual risk appetite. Have a safe, prosperous and happy investment.

sjoschko answer: Neither. Gold is near it’s all-time highs. Why buy now? Remember, buy low, sell high. Don’t buy high and hope it goes higher. i’ll take the other side of any trade you want to do. I traded oil for the last 4 years for a Top I-Bank and let me tell you something, these commodities are all momentum driven. Buy high and sell higher. Don’t catch the falling sword, why would you buy something that’s goin down? As far as the question goes, for investment purposes, i wouldn’t want to pay the storage or transfer costs involved in purchasing the physical. Look into ticker GLD…..
Owning gold bars and coins in nonsense in today’s market. Get a brokerage account and invest in the Exchange Traded Fund, symbol GLD. Each share of this fund represents the value of 1/10 of an ounce of gold stored in a depository in England. Listed on the stock exchange you can watch your investment tic by tic. If gold is $630 per ounce the GLD share is valued at $63. It will rise and fall as traders grope for the correct price for the bullion. One bad thing is the profits on you investment do not qualify for the low 15% capital gains rate for other investments and trading activities show up in the form of 1099 reports to the IRS.

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