After exploring the American Costco deals, it’s time to investigate what the UK Costco has to offer.

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There are just two options available: 50 and 100-gram ingots. Millman proposed that Costco’s capability to introduce new products to consumers, combined with economic uncertainty in the OK, might be the driving force behind the excitement.

Millman explained, “The demand can be attributed to the fact that for much of the year, people have been concerned about the stability of the banking system. There has been a lot of worry that monetary policy could lead the world into a recession.” He further added, “Whenever there is fear or anxiety in the financial market, investors tend to turn to gold as a safe haven.”

Coins enjoy a tax advantage by being exempt from Capital Gains Tax (CGT), but this tax exemption doesn’t extend to gold bars.

When it comes to certain gold and silver bullion, CGT is indeed applicable. According to the IRS, gold bars and coins that are not considered legal tender fall under the category of ‘collectibles’ for income tax purposes.

The tax treatment varies depending on the duration for which you hold the gold. If you decide to sell the gold within a year of acquiring it, any profits will be subject to taxation as ‘ordinary income.’ However, if you hold onto it for a year or more and then sell it, the gains will be classified as ‘long-term capital gains.’ As of the time of writing, the tax rate for long-term capital gains is set at 28%.

The value of gold has been acknowledged worldwide for millennia, and consequently, many individuals today view it as a secure investment capable of withstanding economic turbulence, including the collapse of the pound.

Acquire British gold coins free from Capital Gains Tax (CGT).

For most UK investors, it is strongly recommended to consider purchasing gold Sovereigns and Half Sovereigns for smaller units, while Gold Britannia coins are ideal for larger 1oz units. Both of these British gold coins enjoy exemption from Capital Gains Tax, providing investors with unparalleled flexibility.

For those affluent gold investors with substantial sums to allocate to gold, Sovereigns and the Gold Britannia coin represent the perfect choice. To emphasize the potential advantages of investing in British gold coins, it’s worth noting that if the gold price were to continue rising and an investor chose to retain their gold holdings, the tax savings could become even more substantial.

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