Acre Gold subscribe to gold like Netflix, Hulu, or AppleTV+?

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Acre Gold offers a unique opportunity to invest in gold through a subscription model. Described as a layaway program for bars of gold, Acre Gold allows you to purchase a fraction of a gold bar with your monthly subscription fee. Once you’ve paid in full, an actual bar of gold is shipped to you. But is this subscription worth it? Let’s take a look at the costs.

Signing up requires a one-time $12 membership fee, along with shipping and fulfillment charges for each gold bar shipment. There are four subscription plans available:

  • $30 per month: Receive a 1-gram Acre gold bar once you reach the price threshold.
  • $50 per month: Receive a 2.5-gram Acre gold bar once you reach the price threshold.
  • $100 per month: Receive a 5-gram Acre gold bar once you reach the price threshold.
  • $250 per month: Receive a 10-gram Acre gold bar once you reach the price threshold.

Each plan requires you to continue paying the monthly membership fee until you reach the price threshold for the respective Acre gold bar, which is then shipped to you.

– Aims to be an industry disruptor
– Offers a low barrier to entry
– Seeks to make gold investing approachable
– Has a flexible subscription model
– No clear path to liquidation
– Lack of clarity around the cost of a gold bar
– Limited customer service
– No focus on building community

AcreGold: A Costly Subscription Model for Gold Investment

Essentially, they establish an account for you, and you contribute $50 monthly. Once the balance reaches the current market price of gold, they purchase it and send it to you. However, their premium is significantly higher than competitors, and they also impose a membership fee along with a flat shipping fee of $10. As of now, a 2.5g gold bar, specifically a Pamp Suisse, is priced at $189 when purchased using a credit card. With AcreGold, if you’re acquiring your FIRST bar today, you’ll be charged well over $220. They levy a $5.95 payment processing fee each time you pay, a $12 first-time membership fee, and a $12 shipping fee. Additionally, there are taxes and additional premiums for their gold.

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