5 Tips When Buying 14k Gold Wedding Bands

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Traditionally, the wedding bands are bought both by the bride and the groom and are exchanged at the ceremony.

Importance of Wedding Bands.

Wedding bands has a special significance in our lives. When we purchase a band, it is not just an ordinary gold ring, but has high emotional value attached to it. These bands will adorn the fingers of both bride and the groom for a lifetime.
These bands proclaim of togetherness, and undoubtedly says, ‘Till Death Do Us Part’

5 Tips on Buying 14k Gold Wedding Bands

Naturally, when we are buying something as important, we need to consider certain points:

  • 1. Jeweler: Jewelry should be purchased only from reputed jewelers only. It’s important to compare the gold prices also.
  • 2. Color of the Gold: Generally, gold bands are found in three colors, white, yellow and pink. While yellow is pure gold, the other two are blended with alloys to get the color.
  • 3. Design of the Wedding Band: There are various patterns available in 14k gold.
    • * If your budget permits, you can have the ring studded with diamonds or other gemstones, such as emerald, ruby, sapphire etc. You may choose to get the ring studded with your birthstone.
    • * Secondly, these bands are available in various finishes, such as gloss finish, matte finish and even a combination of both.
    • * For brides, the design of the wedding ring should blend with the engagement ring.
    • * The rings could be handmade or machine made.
  • 4. Thickness of the band: Wedding rings are available in various thicknesses. Generally, the band of the groom should be thick and the bride’s band should have a delicate design. The thickness of the band should depend on your fingers. Thin delicate rings will suit slim, slender fingers, whereas, for bulky fingers, a thick design would look good.
  • 5. Fitting: The band should fit your fingers properly. It should neither be too tight nor to lose. It is advisable to buy comfort fit bands.

Different patterns in 14k gold wedding bands.

  • Tri colored bands: These are the most popular of bands. You have ample choice in this, ranging from thin, delicate braided patterns, in tri colors, to intricate braiding or simple braids. These are suitable for both men and women. Tri color signifies presence of a lively relationship, while braided pattern symbolizes losing oneself to each other, to create a beautiful strong relationship.
  • Two Tone Bands: For those who like to be simple, yet different, these two-tone bands offer the best solution for wedding bands. The artistic design in two tones will make your band stand out from the rest.
  • Designer bands: These are for people who want exclusive designer jewelry. Leafy design in white gold looks delicate and will enhance the beauty of the bride’s finger. This is a type of ring that cannot be ignored.
  • Plain bands: Some people believe in simplicity and comfort. These simple designs offer super comfort and will not get entangled in your hair or clothes. Another advantage is, plain bands are considered timeless. These never go out of fashion. Plain design depicts strong pure love for each other.

Thus, you will have wide variety of bands to choose from. Keep the above-mentioned tips in mind and all the best for your future.

Quick recap: The 5 Tips on Buying 14k Mens Gold Wedding Bands are:

  • Purchase gold only from reputed jewelers
  • Color of the Gold
  • Design of the Wedding Band
  • Thickness of the band
  • Fitting

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