5 dollar gold coins.

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The first five dollar gold coin minted in the United States was approved by congress in 1792.  This was also the first gold coin of any denomination minted in the US. The coin weighted 8.75 grams and was made of .917% pure gold. It was called the Half Eagle $5.00 gold piece, since then there have been a few different types of five dollar gold coins minted. One of the most popular is the 1909 five dollar gold coin.

The last of the five dollar gold coins minted where called the Indian head five dollar gold piece, these coins where minted from 1909 to 1929. These were also among the last gold coins minted for circulation in the US. Today they still make five dollar gold coins but they are not for regular circulation mainly for the collectors who can afford to own such treasures. These may be purchased directly from the mint or through a respected coin dealer.

In the 1930’s the government melted down about 90% of all gold coins in circulation, and more where melted when gold prices soared. This made the value of these rare gems grow rapidly. If you own one these five dollar gold coins dated in late 1700’s or early 1800’s you could be sitting on as much as a million dollars. In July of 2008 a 1797, five dollar gold half eagle graded MS66 sold for 1,380,000.00. This coin had an error on it, but that wasn’t uncommon back then they just didn’t have the technology we have today when it comes to minting coins.

List of 5 dollar coins designs.

$5 Gold Coin Mintages.

DateMint MarkDescriptionMintage
$5 Half Eagle 1795PCapped Bust R Small Eagle8,707
$5 Half Eagle 1795PCapped Bust R Heraldic Eagle6,500
$5 Half Eagle 1796PCapped Bust R Small Eagle 6 over 56,196
$5 Half Eagle 1797PCapped Bust R Heraldic large Eagle 7 over 56,250
$5 Half Eagle 1797PCapped Bust R Small Eagle 15 stars3,609
$5 Half Eagle 1797PCapped Bust R Heraldic large Eagle 16 star obverse1
$5 Half Eagle 1797PCapped Bust R Small Eagle 16 stars0
$5 Half Eagle 1798PCapped Bust R Heraldic Eagle Large 8, 14 star reverse0
$5 Half Eagle 1798PCapped Bust R Heraldic Eagle Large 8, 13 star reverse0
$5 Half Eagle 1798PCapped Bust R Small Eagle100
$5 Half Eagle 1798PCapped Bust R Heraldic Eagle Small 824,867
$5 Half Eagle 1799PCapped Bust R Heraldic Eagle7,451
$5 Half Eagle 1799PCapped Bust R Heraldic Eagle Large St. Reverse0
$5 Half Eagle 1800PCapped Bust R Heraldic Eagle37,628
$5 Half Eagle 1802PCapped Bust R Heraldic Eagle 2 over 153,176
$5 Half Eagle 1803PCapped Bust R Heraldic Eagle 3 over 233,506
$5 Half Eagle 1804PCapped Bust R Heraldic Eagle Small 830,475
$5 Half Eagle 1804PCapped Bust R Heraldic Eagle Small 8 over large 80
$5 Half Eagle 1805PCapped Bust R Heraldic Eagle33,183
$5 Half Eagle 1806PCapped Bust R Heraldic Eagle Pointed top 69,676
$5 Half Eagle 1806PCapped Bust R Heraldic Eagle Round top 654,417
$5 Half Eagle 1807PCapped Bust L51,605
$5 Half Eagle 1807PCapped Bust R Heraldic Eagle32,488
$5 Half Eagle 1808PCapped Bust L 8 over 755,578
$5 Half Eagle 1808PCapped Bust L0
$5 Half Eagle 1809PCapped Bust L 9 over 833,875
$5 Half Eagle 1810PCapped Bust L Small date, small 5100,287
$5 Half Eagle 1810PCapped Bust L Small date, tall 50
$5 Half Eagle 1810PCapped Bust L Large date, small 50
$5 Half Eagle 1810PCapped Bust L Large date, tall 50
$5 Half Eagle 1811PCapped Bust L Tall 50
$5 Half Eagle 1811PCapped Bust L Small 599,581
$5 Half Eagle 1812PCapped Bust L58,087
$5 Half Eagle 1813PCapped Head L Large Diameter95,428
$5 Half Eagle 1814PCapped Head L Large Diameter 4 over 315,454
$5 Half Eagle 1815PCapped Head L Large Diameter635
$5 Half Eagle 1818PCapped Head L Large Diameter48,588
$5 Half Eagle 1818PCapped Head L Large Diameter STATESOF one word0
$5 Half Eagle 1818PCapped Head L Large Diameter 5D over 500
$5 Half Eagle 1819PCapped Head L Large Diameter 5D over 500
$5 Half Eagle 1819PCapped Head L Large Diameter51,723
$5 Half Eagle 1820PCapped Head L Large Diameter Curved base 2, small letters263,806
$5 Half Eagle 1820PCapped Head L Large Diameter Curved base 2, large letters0
$5 Half Eagle 1820PCapped Head L Large Diameter Square-base 20
$5 Half Eagle 1821PCapped Head L Large Diameter34,641
$5 Half Eagle 1822PCapped Head L Large Diameter17,796
$5 Half Eagle 1823PCapped Head L Large Diameter14,485
$5 Half Eagle 1824PCapped Head L Large Diameter17,340
$5 Half Eagle 1825PCapped Head L Large Diameter 5 over 129,060
$5 Half Eagle 1825PCapped Head L Large Diameter 5 over 40
$5 Half Eagle 1826PCapped Head L Large Diameter18,069
$5 Half Eagle 1827PCapped Head L Large Diameter24,913
$5 Half Eagle 1828PCapped Head L Large Diameter 8 over 728,029
$5 Half Eagle 1828PCapped Head L Large Diameter0
$5 Half Eagle 1829PCapped Head L Small Diameter Small date32,076
$5 Half Eagle 1829PCapped Head L Large Diameter Large date25,375
$5 Half Eagle 1830PCapped Head L Small Diameter Small or large 5 D126,351
$5 Half Eagle 1831PCapped Head L Small Diameter Small or large 5 D140,594
$5 Half Eagle 1832PCapped Head L Small Diameter Square-based 2, 13 Stars157,487
$5 Half Eagle 1832PCapped Head L Small Diameter Curved-base 2, 12 Stars0
$5 Half Eagle 1833PCapped Bust L Small Diameter Small Date0
$5 Half Eagle 1833PCapped Head L Small Diameter Large Date193,630
$5 Half Eagle 1834PClassic Head Plain 4657,460
$5 Half Eagle 1834PCapped Head L Small Diameter Plain 450,141
$5 Half Eagle 1835PClassic Head371,534
$5 Half Eagle 1836PClassic Head553,147
$5 Half Eagle 1837PClassic Head207,121
$5 Half Eagle 1838CClassic Head17,179
$5 Half Eagle 1838DaClassic Head20,583
$5 Half Eagle 1838PClassic Head286,588
$5 Half Eagle 1839PLiberty Coronet118,143
$5 Half Eagle 1839DaLiberty Coronet18,939
$5 Half Eagle 1839CLiberty Coronet17,205
$5 Half Eagle 1840CLiberty Coronet18,992
$5 Half Eagle 1840DaLiberty Coronet22,896
$5 Half Eagle 1840OLiberty Coronet40,120
$5 Half Eagle 1840PLiberty Coronet137,382
$5 Half Eagle 1841OLiberty Coronet50
$5 Half Eagle 1841PLiberty Coronet15,833
$5 Half Eagle 1841CLiberty Coronet21,467
$5 Half Eagle 1841DaLiberty Coronet29,392
$5 Half Eagle 1842PLiberty Coronet Large letters0
$5 Half Eagle 1842CLiberty Coronet Small date4,595
$5 Half Eagle 1842OLiberty Coronet16,400
$5 Half Eagle 1842DaLiberty Coronet Large date21,691
$5 Half Eagle 1842CLiberty Coronet Large date23,589
$5 Half Eagle 1842PLiberty Coronet Small letters27,578
$5 Half Eagle 1842DaLiberty Coronet Small date37,907
$5 Half Eagle 1843OLiberty Coronet Small D0
$5 Half Eagle 1843OLiberty Coronet Small letters19,075
$5 Half Eagle 1843CLiberty Coronet44,277
$5 Half Eagle 1843OLiberty Coronet Large date82,000
$5 Half Eagle 1843DaLiberty Coronet Large D98,452
$5 Half Eagle 1843PLiberty Coronet611,205
$5 Half Eagle 1844OLiberty Coronet364,600
$5 Half Eagle 1844PLiberty Coronet340,330
$5 Half Eagle 1844DaLiberty Coronet88,982
$5 Half Eagle 1844CLiberty Coronet23,631
$5 Half Eagle 1845OLiberty Coronet41,000
$5 Half Eagle 1845DaLiberty Coronet90,629
$5 Half Eagle 1845PLiberty Coronet417,099
$5 Half Eagle 1846PLiberty Coronet395,942
$5 Half Eagle 1846DaLiberty Coronet80,294
$5 Half Eagle 1846OLiberty Coronet58,000
$5 Half Eagle 1846CLiberty Coronet12,995
$5 Half Eagle 1846DaLiberty Coronet High second D over D0
$5 Half Eagle 1847PLiberty Coronet Top of extra low 7 @ boarder0
$5 Half Eagle 1847OLiberty Coronet12,000
$5 Half Eagle 1847DaLiberty Coronet64,405
$5 Half Eagle 1847CLiberty Coronet84,151
$5 Half Eagle 1847PLiberty Coronet915,981
$5 Half Eagle 1848DaLiberty Coronet D over D0
$5 Half Eagle 1848DaLiberty Coronet47,465
$5 Half Eagle 1848CLiberty Coronet64,472
$5 Half Eagle 1848PLiberty Coronet260,775
$5 Half Eagle 1849PLiberty Coronet133,070
$5 Half Eagle 1849CLiberty Coronet64,823
$5 Half Eagle 1849DaLiberty Coronet39,036
$5 Half Eagle 1850DaLiberty No Motto Weak D0
$5 Half Eagle 1850CLiberty Coronet Head, N/M Weak C0
$5 Half Eagle 1850DaLiberty Coronet43,984
$5 Half Eagle 1850CLiberty Coronet63,591
$5 Half Eagle 1850PLiberty Coronet64,491
$5 Half Eagle 1851PLiberty Coronet377,505
$5 Half Eagle 1851DaLiberty Coronet62,710
$5 Half Eagle 1851CLiberty Coronet49,176
$5 Half Eagle 1851OLiberty Coronet41,000
$5 Half Eagle 1852CLiberty Coronet72,574
$5 Half Eagle 1852DaLiberty Coronet91,584
$5 Half Eagle 1852PLiberty Coronet573,901
$5 Half Eagle 1853PLiberty Coronet305,770
$5 Half Eagle 1853DaLiberty Coronet89,678
$5 Half Eagle 1853CLiberty Coronet65,571
$5 Half Eagle 1854CLiberty No Motto Weak C0
$5 Half Eagle 1854DaLiberty No Motto Weak D0
$5 Half Eagle 1854SLiberty Coronet268
$5 Half Eagle 1854CLiberty Coronet39,283
$5 Half Eagle 1854OLiberty Coronet46,000
$5 Half Eagle 1854DaLiberty Coronet56,413
$5 Half Eagle 1854PLiberty Coronet160,675
$5 Half Eagle 1855OLiberty Coronet11,100
$5 Half Eagle 1855DaLiberty Coronet22,432
$5 Half Eagle 1855CLiberty Coronet39,788
$5 Half Eagle 1855SLiberty Coronet61,000
$5 Half Eagle 1855PLiberty Coronet117,098
$5 Half Eagle 1856OLiberty Coronet10,000
$5 Half Eagle 1856DaLiberty Coronet19,786
$5 Half Eagle 1856CLiberty Coronet28,457
$5 Half Eagle 1856SLiberty Coronet105,100
$5 Half Eagle 1856PLiberty Coronet197,990
$5 Half Eagle 1857PLiberty Coronet98,188
$5 Half Eagle 1857SLiberty Coronet87,000
$5 Half Eagle 1857CLiberty Coronet31,360
$5 Half Eagle 1857DaLiberty Coronet17,046
$5 Half Eagle 1857OLiberty Coronet13,000
$5 Half Eagle 1858PLiberty Coronet15,136
$5 Half Eagle 1858DaLiberty Coronet15,362
$5 Half Eagle 1858SLiberty Coronet18,600
$5 Half Eagle 1858CLiberty Coronet38,856
$5 Half Eagle 1859CLiberty Coronet31,847
$5 Half Eagle 1859PLiberty Coronet16,734
$5 Half Eagle 1859SLiberty Coronet13,220
$5 Half Eagle 1859DaLiberty Coronet10,366
$5 Half Eagle 1860DaLiberty Coronet14,635
$5 Half Eagle 1860CLiberty Coronet14,813
$5 Half Eagle 1860PLiberty Coronet19,763
$5 Half Eagle 1860SLiberty Coronet21,200
$5 Half Eagle 1861DaLiberty Coronet1,597
$5 Half Eagle 1861CLiberty Coronet6,879
$5 Half Eagle 1861SLiberty Coronet18,000
$5 Half Eagle 1861PLiberty Coronet688,150
$5 Half Eagle 1862SLiberty Coronet9,500
$5 Half Eagle 1862PLiberty Coronet4,430
$5 Half Eagle 1863SLiberty Coronet17,000
$5 Half Eagle 1863PLiberty Coronet2,442
$5 Half Eagle 1864SLiberty Coronet3,888
$5 Half Eagle 1864PLiberty Coronet4,170
$5 Half Eagle 1865SLiberty Coronet27,612
$5 Half Eagle 1865PLiberty Coronet1,270
$5 Half Eagle 1866SLiberty Coronet, With Motto34,920
$5 Half Eagle 1866SLiberty Coronet9,000
$5 Half Eagle 1866PLiberty Coronet, With Motto6,700
$5 Half Eagle 1867SLiberty Coronet, With Motto29,000
$5 Half Eagle 1867PLiberty Coronet, With Motto6,870
$5 Half Eagle 1868PLiberty Coronet, With Motto5,700
$5 Half Eagle 1868SLiberty Coronet, With Motto52,000
$5 Half Eagle 1869SLiberty Coronet, With Motto31,000
$5 Half Eagle 1869PLiberty Coronet, With Motto1,760
$5 Half Eagle 1870PLiberty Coronet, With Motto4,000
$5 Half Eagle 1870CCLiberty Coronet, With Motto7,675
$5 Half Eagle 1870SLiberty Coronet, With Motto17,000
$5 Half Eagle 1871SLiberty Coronet, With Motto25,000
$5 Half Eagle 1871CCLiberty Coronet, With Motto20,770
$5 Half Eagle 1871PLiberty Coronet, With Motto3,200
$5 Half Eagle 1872PLiberty Coronet, With Motto1,660
$5 Half Eagle 1872CCLiberty Coronet, With Motto16,980
$5 Half Eagle 1872SLiberty Coronet, With Motto36,400
$5 Half Eagle 1873PLiberty Coronet, With Motto Open 363,200
$5 Half Eagle 1873PLiberty Coronet, With Motto Closed 349,280
$5 Half Eagle 1873SLiberty Coronet, With Motto31,000
$5 Half Eagle 1873CCLiberty Coronet, With Motto7,416
$5 Half Eagle 1874SLiberty Coronet, With Motto Weak S0
$5 Half Eagle 1874PLiberty Coronet, With Motto3,488
$5 Half Eagle 1874SLiberty Coronet, With Motto16,000
$5 Half Eagle 1874CCLiberty Coronet, With Motto21,198
$5 Half Eagle 1875PLiberty Coronet, With Motto200
$5 Half Eagle 1875SLiberty Coronet, With Motto9,000
$5 Half Eagle 1875CCLiberty Coronet, With Motto11,828
$5 Half Eagle 1876CCLiberty Coronet, With Motto6,887
$5 Half Eagle 1876SLiberty Coronet, With Motto4,000
$5 Half Eagle 1876PLiberty Coronet, With Motto1,432
$5 Half Eagle 1877SLiberty Coronet, With Motto26,700
$5 Half Eagle 1877CCLiberty Coronet, With Motto8,680
$5 Half Eagle 1877PLiberty Coronet, With Motto1,132
$5 Half Eagle 1878CCLiberty Coronet, With Motto9,054
$5 Half Eagle 1878PLiberty Coronet, With Motto131,720
$5 Half Eagle 1878SLiberty Coronet, With Motto144,700
$5 Half Eagle 1879SLiberty Coronet, With Motto426,200
$5 Half Eagle 1879PLiberty Coronet, With Motto301,920
$5 Half Eagle 1879CCLiberty Coronet, With Motto17,281
$5 Half Eagle 1880PLiberty Coronet, With Motto3,166,400
$5 Half Eagle 1880SLiberty Coronet, With Motto1,348,900
$5 Half Eagle 1880CCLiberty Coronet, With Motto51,017
$5 Half Eagle 1881PLiberty Coronet, With Motto0
$5 Half Eagle 1881CCLiberty Coronet, With Motto13,886
$5 Half Eagle 1881SLiberty Coronet, With Motto969,000
$5 Half Eagle 1881PLiberty Coronet, With Motto 1 over 05,708,760
$5 Half Eagle 1882PLiberty Coronet, With Motto2,514,520
$5 Half Eagle 1882SLiberty Coronet, With Motto969,000
$5 Half Eagle 1882CCLiberty Coronet, With Motto82,817
$5 Half Eagle 1883PLiberty Coronet, With Motto233,400
$5 Half Eagle 1883SLiberty Coronet, With Motto83,200
$5 Half Eagle 1883CCLiberty Coronet, With Motto12,958
$5 Half Eagle 1884CCLiberty Coronet, With Motto16,402
$5 Half Eagle 1884SLiberty Coronet, With Motto177,000
$5 Half Eagle 1884PLiberty Coronet, With Motto191,030
$5 Half Eagle 1885SLiberty Coronet, With Motto1,211,500
$5 Half Eagle 1885PLiberty Coronet, With Motto601,440
$5 Half Eagle 1886SLiberty Coronet, With Motto3,268,000
$5 Half Eagle 1886PLiberty Coronet, With Motto388,360
$5 Half Eagle 1887SLiberty Coronet, With Motto1,912,000
$5 Half Eagle 1888SLiberty Coronet, With Motto293,900
$5 Half Eagle 1888PLiberty Coronet, With Motto18,201
$5 Half Eagle 1889PLiberty Coronet, With Motto7,520
$5 Half Eagle 1890PLiberty Coronet, With Motto4,240
$5 Half Eagle 1890CCLiberty Coronet, With Motto53,800
$5 Half Eagle 1891CCLiberty Coronet, With Motto208,000
$5 Half Eagle 1891PLiberty Coronet, With Motto61,360
$5 Half Eagle 1892PLiberty Coronet, With Motto753,480
$5 Half Eagle 1892SLiberty Coronet, With Motto298,400
$5 Half Eagle 1892CCLiberty Coronet, With Motto82,968
$5 Half Eagle 1892OLiberty Coronet, With Motto10,000
$5 Half Eagle 1893CCLiberty Coronet, With Motto60,000
$5 Half Eagle 1893OLiberty Coronet, With Motto110,000
$5 Half Eagle 1893SLiberty Coronet, With Motto224,000
$5 Half Eagle 1893PLiberty Coronet, With Motto1,528,120
$5 Half Eagle 1894PLiberty Coronet, With Motto957,880
$5 Half Eagle 1894SLiberty Coronet, With Motto55,900
$5 Half Eagle 1894OLiberty Coronet, With Motto16,600
$5 Half Eagle 1895SLiberty Coronet, With Motto112,000
$5 Half Eagle 1895PLiberty Coronet, With Motto1,345,855
$5 Half Eagle 1896SLiberty Coronet, With Motto155,400
$5 Half Eagle 1896PLiberty Coronet, With Motto58,960
$5 Half Eagle 1897SLiberty Coronet, With Motto354,000
$5 Half Eagle 1897PLiberty Coronet, With Motto867,800
$5 Half Eagle 1898SLiberty Coronet, With Motto1,397,400
$5 Half Eagle 1898PLiberty Coronet, With Motto633,420
$5 Half Eagle 1899PLiberty Coronet, With Motto1,710,630
$5 Half Eagle 1899SLiberty Coronet, With Motto1,545,000
$5 Half Eagle 1900PLiberty Coronet, With Motto1,405,500
$5 Half Eagle 1900SLiberty Coronet, With Motto329,000
$5 Half Eagle 1901SLiberty Coronet, With Motto0
$5 Half Eagle 1901PLiberty Coronet, With Motto615,900
$5 Half Eagle 1901SLiberty Coronet, With Motto 1 over 03,648,000
$5 Half Eagle 1902SLiberty Coronet, With Motto939,000
$5 Half Eagle 1902PLiberty Coronet, With Motto172,400
$5 Half Eagle 1903SLiberty Coronet, With Motto1,855,000
$5 Half Eagle 1903PLiberty Coronet, With Motto226,870
$5 Half Eagle 1904SLiberty Coronet, With Motto97,000
$5 Half Eagle 1904PLiberty Coronet, With Motto392,000
$5 Half Eagle 1905SLiberty Coronet, With Motto880,700
$5 Half Eagle 1905PLiberty Coronet, With Motto302,200
$5 Half Eagle 1906DLiberty Coronet, With Motto320,000
$5 Half Eagle 1906PLiberty Coronet, With Motto348,735
$5 Half Eagle 1906SLiberty Coronet, With Motto598,000
$5 Half Eagle 1907DLiberty Coronet, With Motto888,000
$5 Half Eagle 1907PLiberty Coronet, With Motto626,100
$5 Half Eagle 1908PIndian577,845
$5 Half Eagle 1908PLiberty Coronet, With Motto421,874
$5 Half Eagle 1908DIndian Head Type148,000
$5 Half Eagle 1908SIndian Head Type82,000
$5 Half Eagle 1909OIndian Head Type34,200
$5 Half Eagle 1909SIndian Head Type297,200
$5 Half Eagle 1909PIndian Head Type627,060
$5 Half Eagle 1909DIndian Head Type3,423,560
$5 Half Eagle 1910SIndian Head Type770,200
$5 Half Eagle 1910PIndian Head Type604,000
$5 Half Eagle 1910DIndian Head Type193,600
$5 Half Eagle 1911SIndian Head Type1,416,000
$5 Half Eagle 1911PIndian Head Type915,000
$5 Half Eagle 1911DIndian Head Type72,500
$5 Half Eagle 1912SIndian Head Type392,000
$5 Half Eagle 1912PIndian Head Type790,000
$5 Half Eagle 1913PIndian Head Type915,901
$5 Half Eagle 1913SIndian Head Type408,000
$5 Half Eagle 1914PIndian Head Type247,000
$5 Half Eagle 1914DIndian Head Type247,000
$5 Half Eagle 1914SIndian Head Type263,000
$5 Half Eagle 1915PIndian Head Type588,000
$5 Half Eagle 1915SIndian Head Type164,000
$5 Half Eagle 1916SIndian Head Type240,000
$5 Half Eagle 1929PIndian Head Type662,000

When you hold a coin like this, just think about who may have had this coin in their pocket one day. Perhaps it was a part of a robbery committed by Jessie James and his gang or maybe even a famous president had it is possession at one time. You can let your imagination just run wild when thinking of five dollar gold coins !

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