3 gold coins, what’s the meaning?

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Three gold coins are a symbol of wealth, prosperity, and good luck in various cultures and beliefs. In Feng Shui, three gold coins strung together on a red string represent the trinity of luck – heaven, earth, and mankind – and are believed to attract wealth luck. 

In spiritual beliefs, gold coins may symbolize spiritual wealth or blessings from God. The Three of Coins tarot card also represents wealth and potential. In Islamic interpretations, three gold coins may represent a change for the better. In dreams, gold coins may symbolize great prosperity and pleasure.

How can I use 3 gold coins in feng shui to attract wealth.

Here are some ways to use three gold coins in Feng Shui to attract wealth:

  1. Place the three gold coins in the wealth corner of your home, which is the farthest left corner from the front door.
  2. Tie the three gold coins together with a red ribbon or string and hang them on the doorknob of your front door. This is believed to attract wealth and good luck into your home.
  3. Place the three gold coins in a red envelope and carry it with you in your wallet or purse. This is believed to bring wealth and abundance into your life.
  4. Place the three gold coins in a wealth vase or ship that you keep in your home. This symbolizes an everlasting flow of prosperity.
  5. Wear a medallion with a single lucky coin or a bunch of three coins around your neck
  6. Use the three gold coins in keychains in a set of nine coins.
  7. Hang a Feng Shui coin keychain from your dashboard mirror, backpack, or actual keys

In Islamic interpretations, three gold coins may represent a change for the better. 

According to Islamic dream interpretation, perceiving gold as stored somewhere or placed in bags without seeing its color is a good dream and should expect gains, provided you are a pious person. However, if the origin and quantity of the gold coins are unknown and they are more than four, its interpretation is somewhat unpleasant. Seeing broken chips of gold or a whole coin of gold in a dream means meeting with the ruler of the country or with the governor of town. Minting gold in a dream is interpreted as receiving money from a ruler or a governor.

The Three of Coins tarot card represents wealth and potential. 

It is part of the Minor Arcana and is associated with the suit of coins or pentacles, which symbolizes wealth, material possessions, and practical matters. In tarot, positive attributes of the Three of Pentacles in a spread include the mastery of a skill in trade or work, achieving perfection, artistic ability, and dignity through renown rank or power. Negative attributes (when the card is in reverse) include sloppiness resulting in a lower quality outcome, lack of skill, banal ideas, and preoccupation with off-task concerns. The Three of Coins tarot card is also associated with teamwork, focused effort, growth, and learning.

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