2 types Of Gold Bars: Casted and minted.

Gold bar is classified into 2 – casted and minted. These bars are generally issued at a low premium. Many people invest in gold bars because these precious metals are excellent protection against inflation. In times when the dollar continues to decrease its value, the rate of gold bars has steadily increased. It follows that if your money is only invested in dollars, you are likely to lose your purchasing power over time.

Earlier it was discussed that there are 2 types of gold bars – minted and casted. Minted gold bars are also known as lingots. They are easy to recognize because they have smooth and even surfaces. They are ordinarily derived from a cast bar. The minting press is accountable for its markings. Cast bars are produced from melted bullion. The markings on cast bars can be printed manually or through a minting press. These bars can be manufactured in various shapes. The simple characteristic between the two is that the latter has uneven volume.

Gold Bars – Finding A Reputable Company.

It is important to find a reputable company when purchasing gold bars. Do not trust those companies who have bad reputations. How to tell a reputable from bad? Do your research online. Google the company and find reviews and testimonies from past investors. Aside from that, you can join forums and online community websites that share information about gold and funds.

Check the markings carefully.

The markings on gold bars will tell you the name of the manufacturer, serial number, weight and purity of gold. The last one is vital to discern. The purity of gold denotes the value of the metal. Also, uncover the actual weight of the gold bar. The standard gold bar measures approximately ten ounces with a purity of at least .995.

Gold Bar Protection. Protecting your gold is important.

Gold bars are precious and for sure there are many offensive individuals who will do anything to get their hands on your gold. To safeguard your gold, find a respectable bank where you can safely place your gold. There are amenities that offer services like safe locking your gold in a vault for a price. Take time to explore for a trustworthy and reliable facility where you can safely store your gold for a period of time. Keep in mind that your gold is not the only one you are defending but also your life and the lives of your family members.

Certainly, investing in gold particularly gold bars is a clever move especially in these trying times. Gold bars are admirable protection of wealth and that is the main reason why many people are investing in gold. The things mentioned above are some important things you should know about gold bars. Before investing, probe and research about gold so that you will not be ripped off and be a victim by falsified individuals.

By Alexandre Laurent

Alexandre Laurentl is working in the jewelry and investment gold since 2002. Alexandre graduated from The Normandy School of Business and from the University of Perpignan a Bachelor of economics in 1995.

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