1926 $20 gold double eagle.

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The 1926 $20 gold double eagle is a United States gold coin that was minted in 1926. The 1926 $20 gold double eagle is considered a relatively common date compared to some of the earlier issues.

The 1926 Saint-Gaudens coin is often considered a common issue within the series, but it still possesses distinct qualities that set it apart in terms of overall rarity and condition when compared to genuinely common coins like the 1924, 1927, and 1928, which it is often incorrectly associated with. In contrast to some expert opinions, the 1926 coin is notably rarer than the 1925, particularly in gem condition. While a few exceptional examples graded as MS-67 or better do exist, they are exceedingly scarce. A circulated 1926 St. Gaudens Gold Coin typically ranges in value from $2,025 to $2,125. 1926 Double Eagles can be found across various Mint State grades, up to MS 66, but only a few have received the coveted MS 67 certification. Uncirculated 1926 Double Eagles in pristine condition can command prices as high as $42,500., comparing with 2008, a coin of this grade was sold for $14,950.

Exquisite 1926 $20 St. Gaudens Gold Double Eagle – PCGS MS65 Uncirculated –

In terms of its appearance, the 1926 coin is consistently well-struck, displaying full frosty surfaces and excellent luster. The coin’s color may vary, but rich shades of yellow-orange gold or greenish gold are most common. Many specimens exhibit orange or rose-colored highlights, and the presence of copper spots or stains is not unusual. Top-grade examples of this issue, like all those minted by the Philadelphia Mint between 1924 and 1932, are highly attractive, underscoring the exceptional quality standards applied during their production.

Like many other coins from this period minted in Philadelphia, a significant number of 1926 coins were preserved in European banks before finding their way back to the United States. Consequently, it remains one of the more prevalent issues in the series.

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