1904 20 French Francs Marianne Rooster Gold Coin.

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The french 1904 gold coin is an investment gold coin exempt from VAT, according to the criteria set by the European union directive 2006/112/EC and a coin daily quoted in France by Cpor at a price close to the spot price of gold. Fineness is 900 ‰ and contains 5.80 grams of pure gold. It is a very common coin (almost 8.000.000 gold Rooter coins minted in 1904) without numismatic interest, the minimum value follows (in VG / VF) the normal quotation of the 20 francs Gold.

The 20 francs gold "Rooster" coin from 1904, a 5.80 gram Gold Coin.

French 20 Franc Gold Coin 1904 value.

French Rooster 20 Franc Gold 1904 (Scrap value)355447327422
French Rooster 20 Franc Gold 1904 (VF/XF40)390492360464
Diameter (mm)Weight (gr)Thickness (mm)
21,20 mmGross weight: 6,45 Gr
Fine Gold: 5,80 Gr
1,25 mm
Edge and Orientation.Millesimal fineness.Composition.
➣ Coin alignment ↑↓
Gold 900‰, 21.6 carat90% gold and 10% copper
Mint and MintmarkFinancial FeaturesYear and mintage.
Mintmark. A cornucopia for the Mint and a Torch for Henri Auguste Patey; main engraver.
Mint: Paris Mint “Hôtel des Monnaies”, France.
Type: French Standard circulation coin.
Production Years: 1899-1914.
1904 with 7 705 674 coins minted.
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