1 gram gold bars available at the current market price. Grab them while they’re available.💸

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The product details are indeed extraordinary 1-gram gold bars available at the current spot price, a rarity that rarely occurs. This unique offering, specifically found at APMEX, made it an enticing deal. Moreover, the shipping cost amounted to $50 for the UK, while it was free within the USA. Interestingly, any quantity beyond the initial purchase incurred no additional charge per bar over the spot price, and PayPal was the preferred mode of payment.

  1. Unique Offer: APMEX presented an exceptional deal: 1-gram gold bars available at the current spot price, a rare opportunity in the market.
  2. Flexible Purchase: Shipping costs were $50 for the UK but free within the USA, with no additional charges per bar beyond the spot price, encouraging bulk purchases with PayPal as the preferred payment method.
  3. Bar Highlights: These bars, ranging from perfect to slightly worn, were rigorously tested for gold content and purity, limited to 5 per customer through the app with an additional discount code available for multiple purchases.

APMEX introduced a limited-time offer of 1-gram gold bars at spot prices, an uncommon opportunity. These bars, varying in condition, underwent thorough testing, with flexible shipping options and payment methods. Limited to five bars per customer through the app, this deal provided a chance to buy gold at a fraction of the typical premium, attracting both new and experienced buyers.


These 1-gram gold bars, although from the secondary market, maintained their appeal as a popular choice for purchasing gold bullion at relatively low premiums. The condition of each bar varied from perfect to slightly worn, but all underwent rigorous testing to ensure gold content and purity. The discovery of this deal happened incidentally when accessing the APMEX app, although the individual usually checked various reputable dealers for daily offers.

Any Quantity$67.05$67.75$69.84

Having missed the clause specifying the purchase of five bars, ended up acquiring them. However, instead of holding onto the gold, the buyer opted to use these bars as Christmas gifts for their nieces and nephews. This decision stemmed from the realization that the children received abundant gifts they scarcely used, predicting these gold bars might also fall into that category – possessions untouched but with a distinct value.

The method of payment was a factor; typically, dealers offered slight discounts for transactions not involving credit cards or PayPal, details often specified both on the product page and during checkout. Personal strategies to find better deals included utilizing eChecks or seeking cashback incentives from credit cards or occasional bonuses from platforms like eBay.

Bar highlights encompassed the bar’s gold content of 1 gram, equivalent to 0.03215 ounces of .9999 fine Gold, with each bar packaged securely. The design on both the obverse and reverse sides differed across bars. Additionally, the purchase limit was set at 5 per customer, exclusively available through the APMEX app.

APMEX, the seller, stood firmly behind every 1-gram gold bar within their extensive inventory. Moreover, a promotional code, “KLBJC5,” offered an extra five-dollar discount for purchases of three or more bars. However, it was crucial to note that to secure this deal, one had to access it via the app; otherwise, attempting to purchase it outside the app would result in the deal disappearing from the cart. This offering of fractional gold sizes, even amidst elevated prices, lacked the typical premium associated with larger gold purchases, making it a significant cost-saving opportunity. The difference was substantial compared to attempting the same purchase a month earlier when gold prices stood at $1900 per ounce, offering a considerable price advantage.

the Value of 1g Gold Bars: An Insightful Investment Proposition

Investing in 1g gold bars can be a smart move, especially considering the convenience they offer. These bars often come in sleek plastic assay cases, making them easily tradeable for goods and services without the hassle of breaking apart larger bars. While the initial cost might be higher per gram, the incremental purchases can swiftly accumulate to another full ounce in your collection. Additionally, mailing smaller gram bars feels less risky than shipping a full ounce, reducing potential losses if a shipment goes missing. As someone in their twenties with some disposable income for investments, the opportunity to buy one 1g gold bar at Spor, seems enticing. Given the current price per bar at around $67.05, this structured plan could be a worthwhile starting point for your investment journey.

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